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I’m basically having a bit of a crisis and need different perspectives to try and help me figure out if I go back to university.
I was studying psychology at university of Sussex with a foundation year. I’ve managed to complete the foundation year and first year of uni with very very low times, partially from developing a very bad smoking weed problem, which did not help my mental health at all.
So I’m currently having a year out which I was hopeing to go travelling and have some optimism in my life. However the reality has been working in Morrison’s for a year and thinking more what am I doing with my life!!! Although during Covid I’m lucky to have a job.
From working my ass off at collage and getting CBB and having dyslexia I’m not sure if I’m just making my life too hard for myself.
Rather than having an amazing uni experience so far I just feel exhausted with the world.
I don’t know if I should admit defeat or finish what I’ve started. I don’t no if I can find the drive to work hard and what’s the point of getting a degree unless you get a 2:1 or 1st....
I’m thinking maybe I should pursue a more practical career but I have no idea what that is I have no practical skills.
What a mess!
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The nice thing about doing a degree is that it gives you a few years in which to work out what kind of a person you are and what you like doing. On the other hand, there are a good number of finalists in every year who still don't know what they want to do, so it's far from a foolproof way of figuring out your career. The other benefit of returning to university is that uni careers services can offer workshops/sessions/talks to figure out this kind of stuff; for me personally the careers service at university was invaluable. And, of course, a degree can make you more employable in a number of ways, even if the subject doesn't match the career.

However, there are many other ways to start a career than going the university route; there's not much point in going back if you're only doing it for the sake of it. Do you enjoy studying psychology? If you're not that keen on the subject, you'll probably not have a great time, or at least you'll find it hard to be motivated to get the work done.

Try not to let the situation get you too stressed - I know at least two people personally in a similar situation to you; you're far from alone.

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