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hi i have done a paragraph on q4 and would like to know what marki would get?

Both writers have same attitude to the adventures in the mountain, but achieved via different techniques. Simpson presents the adventures in the mountain being very challenging alongside with a dangerous attitude. It’s illustrates via the figurative language of how the “continues avalanches drowned out all communication”. As from the employment of a metaphor it reveals the connotation of it being dangerous of how drowning can lead to death. Not only that, but from the adjective “continuous” avalanches it reflects that the adventure in the mountain can also be challenging, but furthermore emphasising the danger that there can be during this adventure. The attitude established during the adventure in the mountain is again very challenging alongside with the same dangerous attitude. Gertrude describes how “Marius literally puled me like a parcel” which reveals the significant that how specifically for Gertrude it was very challenging during the mountain journey. Furthermore, how Gertrude has compared Marius to a “parcel” is establishes that he wouldn’t move unless someone moved him. This strengthens the dangerous attitude of not only Marius will find it challenging but Gertrude as well. Gertrude is relying on Marius of she finds it challenging but as she’s like a parcel unable to move unless someone moves her. It foreshadows the dangerous attitude that they are either likely to get injured or die.
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Hi, did you make the improvements suggested to you on your last 3/4 examples?

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