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Hi there

Would really appreciate people's opinions, as I'm currently unsure and exhausted looking stuff up online...

I've been offered a job at Aon doing Human Capital Consulting, but I was really waiting out for KPMG (I'm just waiting for my assessment centre date) to do strategy consulting.

I believe that a) KPMG is a better company to have on my CV (but Aon isn't bad!) but mostly b) strategy consulting in the long term will be better for my career prospects.

Human Capital Consulting is still data heavy, so it's still closer to strategy than - say - people consulting.

However, I do think Aon will be a nicer/better company to work for, in terms of culture and work environment.

I obviously haven't got the KPMG job, but I'm think a) should I withdraw my KPMG application and b) if I do get it and want it, I'll have to email Aon and ask them to withdraw my contact...

If anyone has any insights into how HC consulting looks in the long term, or if I could exit in 2-3 years and go into a strategy consulting role, it would be really appreciated!

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