Where to study masters in European Studies/Politics?! BE, DE, FR, NL, UK

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I have been accepted to multiple different programmes including:

- MSc Global Economy (1y) at Glasgow Uni

- MA Euroculture (2y) at Bath Uni, Sciences Po Grenoble and Free/Humboldt Uni Berlin

- MA IR (European Union Studies) (1y) at Leiden Uni

I am also still waiting to hear back from:

- MA European Studies (1y) at King's College London and Humboldt Uni Berlin

- MA European Policy (1y) at Uni of Amsterdam

- MA European Studies: Transnational and Global Perspectives (1y) at KU Leuven

I am stuck because I feel that all the programmes are really good because they all have different strengths and weaknesses. The Euroculture programme would allow me to improve my French language skills in Grenoble, KU Leuven is close to Brussels and the EU institutions for internships, KCL has a really good reputation around the world, Leiden is a well respected uni and a lot cheaper than the UK universities (I am a UK and EU citizen). These are just some of the examples for the different strengths of the various programmes. My dream career would be to work for the EU, so I guess my question is which programme would be regarded as the best entry into such a career path? Is there any programme on the list which is especially well known to produce graduates that go on to work for the EU or other International organisations? which unis and programmes have the best reputation overall and for European Studies or Politics?
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if you want to work for UK, it might be easier and maybe bettter to do a degree on continental europe.
I'd recommend something in proximity of EU institutions, so pick either BE or NL.
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Hi vkvd98

Great to hear you're considering Bath for your postgraduate degree!

While I don't study your course in particular, I am a current Masters student at the University of Bath. So I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about studying at Bath or life in Bath more generally.

Let me know if I can help at all!

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