All students should be united to ask schools/universities to reduce tuition fees

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Under current covid pandemic, many countries and schools/universities adopting closing borders, off campus online teaching to prevent spread of the diseases.
When it happened in 2020, no one had any idea how to deal with this new events, we were tolerating any change of policy and monitoring.
After more than a year with effective vaccine on-board, probably is time to revise the strategy.
If the respective university/school still prefer online teaching as the main mode of teaching, i strongly advise the school to reduce tuition fees voluntarily.
The burden of finance can not be one sided only on students, schools/universities must also share out the burden, then is only fair.
University life is not only teaching, it comprises of students activity, socializing and networking, scientific lab or the advanced facility for teaching, good library for research works, face to face to ask professors for problems solving and so on.
All these important aspects of ingredients for a worth while students life wont be there to nurture blooming students, and that's priceless.
Lots of brainy students applying to top tier universities not solely looking for the high standard of teaching alone, they are hoping to get those extra perks while studying in the top schools.
Without these ingredients, University teaching is worthless, to be little offensive, in my opinions.
I am here to urge all students to be united and send a message to all schools, asking them to reduce tuition fees if the mode of teaching is ONLY online.
I can go further to suggest, whichever schools/universities are willing to participate this honorable notion to help the students and country, they should be tagged with certain label, eg Good Samaritan(Covid) group university, something like Russell group university.
What are your opinions?
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I totally agree that full fees should only be charged when full services are given. Anything else is considered profiteering on students who are already struggling financially.

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