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hey buddy, found your story very interesting so thanks for sharing it. from what i am aware, when your epiphyseal plates close thats when you stop having those growth spurts so you wont be shooting up 10/20 cm but you can still grow more subtly. usually, this is dictates by a lot of different factors like genetics, hormones, life style (most importantly diet and exercise). considering that you said you are 1.70cm at what i presume to be 15/16 years old is not too bad, 1.70 is like average height so deffo dont beat yourself up over it (this is coming from someone who is also 1.70). however, you are still young and your hands and feet still have room to grow.

in order to maximise this you need to change and optimise what you can, and that is your lifestyle. start by trying to eat a good balanced meal and playing sports (specially basketball). i know this sounds redundant and have probably heard it 100 times but there is a reason that it keeps coming up, because it has been proven multiple times over that this is one of the biggest factors that plays into growth.

now another very important factor which is extremely under estimated is SLEEP. with sleep its not just about how much you are sleeping but also the QUALITY of sleep. there are many studies that have shown that screen lights affect the quality of sleep so if you are like every other teenager in this day an age that spends 1/2 hours on instagram/tiktok before going to bed, you should consider changing it. SLEEP HYGIENE is essential especially for the regulation of a hormone called Human Growth factor. this hormone is one of the most important ones that regulate growth in your body. when you start having little sleep, **** sleep or even inconsistent sleep this hormone nose dives hence why all this is very important.

to summarise:
1. clean up your diet, clean fresh veggies and make sure you are having adequate intake of protein.
2. play sports or do exercise.
3. have good SLEEP HYGIENE, this means going to bed consistently around the same time, no electronic devices 1 hours before bed (try reading a book, its calming and entertaining) and make sure you get enough sleep (at your age probs 8/9 hours AT LEAST is good).
4. you are still young and have room to grow a little more, if you do all this you can probs gain another 5/6 cms at least so dont stress too much.

hope you found this interesting and learnt something from it. i was in a similar situation as you a few years a go, and its good that you reached out for advice, shows you care about your body and health. interested to see how it works out for you so keep us posted and good luck!
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Ouch! Just because you're short, doesn't mean you have any less chance of being successful. Your life is your vehicle, drive it in your own direction.

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