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Hey there! I'm Elena, a second year Business Management (Marketing) student at Surrey. I'm going to give you a brief overview of the Business Management course and the different pathways you can choose from. If you have any questions, please ask! I'll be happy to answer them :smile:

At Surrey, all Business Management students study the same modules in first year. You get a good overview of how businesses work with varied modules to do with Marketing, International Business and Finance to name a few. You get assessed with exams, tests and assignments. Some assignments are individual and others group work. They can be essays, presentations or videos.

In second year, you'll either continue doing Business Management as your course, or go into your chosen pathway. There are separate business courses including languages or Business Economics. For the Business Management course, you can choose between Marketing, International Business, Human Resource Management or Entrepreneurship for your pathway. This means you'll "specialise" in an area of business as you'll have modules to do with it. The amount of optional modules and the modules offered changes between the pathways. I would definitely suggest having a look at the different modules in each one, as you might not think you like a pathway because of its name but then really like the modules offered.

In third year, you can either take your final year in your course, or do a placement if you have chosen to take one with your degree. Surrey offers lots of support when looking for placements and even has its own website dedicated to this (I'm currently searching for a placement, so I've used the website a lot haha).

Finally, if you have done a placement, your fourth year will be your final one. Again, you may have modules to choose from depending on your chosen pathway.

The Surrey Business School organises quite a lot of interesting events. They might be networking or presentations from professionals. They have still been running online events throughout lockdown.

There is also a Business Society (one of the 150+ clubs and societies Surrey has). It's a great society to meet more people from the course or to attend talks, get more information on a certain sector or network.

I hope this was helpful!

Elena, Business Management Rep.
Hi Elena, I will be studying the same course this year can I have your Whatsapp number or email? Would be great to form an acquaintance with you.
Students relax outside, University of Surrey
University of Surrey
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@lavanyamalhotra hi, I am studying the same course kindly reach me via pm please

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