What can I do to prepare for the 2021 Assessments?

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Hi guys :hello:

As schools are starting to set the assessments replacing GCSEs and A-levels I thought I'd outline some things you can be doing to stay sane during these stressful few weeks.

1. Figure out what your school is doing.

Every school is dealing with the situation differently, so to put yourself in the best position try and ask your teachers how exactly your assessments are going to work. Are you being assessed on specific topics or the whole syllabus? Find out so that you can plan your time accordingly.

2. Use the revision resources the exam boards have given out (if that works for you)

We all revise differently so if flashcards and mind maps have been working for you then it may be better to trust those methods for these assessments too. If you'd rather try out some practice questions, take advantage of what has been put out there. You can use these alongside any revision resources your teachers may have given you and other practice questions you can find online.

Remember though, you don't (and most likely won't) have to do them all!

3. Make a plan
You may have already started your assessments, or they may begin in the coming weeks. Either way it is never to late to make a plan. When are your tests? What revision do you still want to do for them? Putting together a timetable may help put all the content you want to cover into perspective and make it a little bit less overwhelming when it is all out on a sheet of paper... or excel, however you plan your time.

4. Take a break

Finally, and perhaps most importantly take a step back. Remember that these assessments aren't the be all and end all. Yes, they will contribute to the Teacher Assessed Grades, but your school is likely to be using these grades in conjunction with other data to give you your final grade.

Taking the time to relax and move away from studying will help to prevent burnout and keep you motivated throughout these assessments.

Preparing for these assessments differently? Share your tips in the thread!
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That's what I did. I asked my teachers how they will assess us, my ones said they will just give us topic exams made from exam board questions and we do them in class. They will let us know in advance what topic exam we will be doing on what day and they will be closed book and done within 1 hour of lesson time.

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