Anyone managed to cancel their tenancy agreement? (Student Roost)

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Hi, so I signed a tenancy for 20/21 with Student Roost after Uni of Sheffield told me that the teaching will be hybrid (some online classes but on-campus as well).

Turns out, I have ZERO on-campus classes this year. So I've left my accommodation in December and came back to my home country.

I've asked if I could cancel the tenancy agreement but was told that I could only do it if I was refused a visa... Before I rebooked for 20/21 I was told by them that I would be able to cancel if my course was fully online (it was said by a lady in reception so there is no proof).

Since June, Student Roost sent two emails with goodwill gestures, saying that we can apply for rent discount schemes if we are not living in our accommodation. The first one was for the period between 5th Jan - 17th Feb and the second for 17th Feb - 25th March. But nothing else after this.

Was anyone able to get a further rent discount or fully cancel their agreement? It's incredibly frustrating that I need to pay for the room, even though I was literally unable to travel back (country on the red list) and latest UK gov guidance is that in-person teaching cannot resume before 17th May...
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You may want to go through your contract with a fine tooth comb to see if you can find that in there anywhere. I got stung with a learning contract upon returning to my course the year after. I was told “no strings attached” verbally.

The person who told me that left that summer and so after being told different things by different lecturers, I got seriously stung.

So, the only thing you can do is go through your contract to try and find that statement and/or see if you can give it to someone most likely.

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