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How many marks would this be?

To what extent has urban change created environmental challenges in a UK city you have studied. (9)

Urban change has resulted in environmental challenges in London. London has experienced a rapid population increase in the last 35 years, with the population increasing from 6.8 million in 1985 to 9.3 million in 2020. One environmental challenge caused by London’s growth is that the demand for water is rising in the Thames Region due to people in London becoming richer and water usage increasing. This means that more water will have to be transferred to south of England from other parts of the UK. In addition, due to increase water usage more wastewater is produced. This has led to an increase in pressure on London’s old Victorian sewage system is not able to cope and as a result roughly 39 million tonnes of sewage are dumped into the river Thames each year. Water was polluted which meant that habitats for wildlife were threatened. However, to solve this issue London is building a new £4 billion super sewer and new treatment works to reduce water pollution in river Thames.

London is an HIC and many people which live there can afford their own private form of transport. As population grows and as London sprawls into the surroundings green areas, there is a growing number of commuters which is resulting in higher levels of pollution and congestion. This is leading to poorer air quality as London has high levels of nitrogen dioxide which can damage people’s lung and is linked to diseases such as asthma and cancer.

In conclusion urban change has led to many challenges in London in terms of environment, which are beginning to be addressed. However urban changes have also led to new opportunities. For example, urban greening has led to the regeneration of derelict and abandoned spaces in north east London and in the docklands. As London grows economically more brownfield sites are being built on and environment is improved, therefore the challenge is reduced.
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so you will not be able to get the full marks because you will need to write about 2-3 PEEL paragraphs for a 9 marker, but the conclusion is very good and throughout the essay you were able to use place detail. I think you would get about 3 or 4 marks out of 9 but I am only doing geography in a level so I'm not the best at telling you on what you exactly would have gotten, i'd suggest letting your teacher taking a look at the essay and confirm on how many marks you would get. but yeah you did not write enough to get the full 9 marks, so maybe think about timing (if you did time it, because usually in gcse geo its 1 minute per mark)
hope this helped somewhat

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