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hey made an answer to this speech question:
Write a speech for your school to explain what you think makes a good education.
What does education mean to you? For some, it may be going to a premises and listening to a monotonous lecture, unable to keep up with the words. For others, it may be achieving the best marks in their class, and constantly aiming to achieve higher. For me, it is the process of learning valuable life lessons from real experiences which help pave out our path in life.
Naturally, the views will vary wildly between one another - However, I am sure we can all agree that a phenomenal education is a precious gift which all young people deserve. In my opinion, an outstanding education offers: exploration of a wide range of subjects and numerous opportunities to develop important skills; encouraging children to evolve their creativity is crucial and, of course, numeracy and literacy are vital. However, education does not only take place in the classroom; it occurs in the playground and at the dinner table. Education happens when we travel, when we watch the television or take a walk. Astonishingly, education begins when we are birthed into this very world and I would argue that it ends when we take our very last breath - because learning continues through our lifetime.
This is what education should mean to you, to me, to all of us.
Parents, teachers, friends – each one of these valuable beings have not only taught us beneficial knowledge, but pushed us forward in creating our own path in education. If your mother hadn’t taught you manners, would you be able to help the helpless homeless man on the street? If your teacher hadn’t helped you understand equality within students, would you be able to obtain the right for equal rights within our genders? If your friends hadn’t taught you the true value of teamwork, could you have been able to be as understanding and developed the patience that you have? Every person in your life is vital in developing our adaptability and own essence; they prepare us for our undoubtedly collaborative futures.
Strikingly, 85% of the adults surveyed by The Department of Education reported that they wished they had worked harder and achieved more highly in their GCSEs. In the near future, we will collect the envelopes containing our own set of grades; I sincerely hope you will all feel intense pride and joy rather than dissatisfaction. Whether you leave this school with a glittering constellation of A Stars or a glittering tear in your eye I implore you to remember this: your knowledge, talents and strengths cannot be reduced to a list or summed up so simply. I vehemently believe that the most meaningful lessons we have all learnt will be reflected in how we treat others and our planet in the future. Surely a magnificent education is one which enables us to blossom into thoughtful and compassionate adults who are eager to build a better society? As Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Therefore, we must ensure that we use these incredible weapons we’ve been handed wisely. Remember, education only actually ends when we take our last breath. Although you are leaving school today, there is so much more of it ahead of you.
This is what education should mean to you, to me, to all of us.

someone tell me what mark you would give this out of 40 : )

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