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I was getting A's and B's last year in psychology however dropped to C's this year (yr 13)....i had many personal issues going on as well as the whole lockdown in general...any advice to push it back to at least a B would be appreciated....(my next exam is on gender, schizo , aggression and research methods)
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Achieving a B grade would be very doable at this stage! You still have time to boost your grade so do not worry...nothing is set in stone and you can honestly achieve anything you put your mind to. Focus on the specific topics which have been your lowest scoring. Make flashcards for these topics.... apps like Quizlet are really good for making flashcards. Quizlet is useful when you have a spare 5 minutes...that could be when you’re in the car, waiting for dinner to cook etc...a spare 5 minutes on the topics you find most challenging will boost your grade a lot more than you think. It is much better to do little and often with your revision than slogging out for hours with inefficient revision methods. Focus on practice exam papers too...get your hands on as many as possible and practice them. Especially for the topics you find difficult!! If answering a whole paper feels time-consuming pick a few of the hardest questions and bullet point how you would answer them. Make sure you look at the mark schemes and utilise these to see what examiners are looking for. It may feel disheartening to struggle with the questions but it is much better to struggle now than in your real never know, those questions or even similar ones may be reused in your exam. Most importantly do not stress about your final grade. It is easier said than done but stressing will only be putting more pressure on yourself. Focus on your weakest areas and concentrate on using highly efficient revision with methods that work well for you. Stay consistent and these small steps will allow you to make a lot more progress than you would’ve ever thought possible. Believe in yourself and do this for YOU! best of luck

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