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Colin Lane
Report 17 years ago
OK, so it's the end of the school year (in the northern hemisphere) and aside from the PHEWs that I
hear emanating from hundreds (?) of computer-savvy mouths, I also hear the "it's too damn late to be
doing this for next year" .... I will try anyway.

We are a small, private bilingual primary school (K-5) looking to set up an exchange with another
school (preferably with a similar base - i.e. English and French, but not necessarily bilingual) in
an English speaking country - Canada, UK, Ireland, USA or other within (relatively) cheap flying
distance for the school year 2002-2003.

The exchange would involve about 15 students, evenly spread in years 3, 4 and 5 (so 7 to 10 years
old) and be for a duration of one or two weeks - the further the distance to travel, the longer the
time to be spent on the ground. The idea of the exchange is a reciprocal one if possible, where we
in turn would welcome a similar number of students into our classes.

Now, I know that the idea of 1 or 2 week school trips for children of this age may shock some and
cause others to do a double-take, but these children have been going on school trips outside of
France to the UK for all of their schooling including the day care centre which forms part of the
school (so for some from the age of 3 or 4) and it has always worked very well.

We would ideally like an exchange where the students, hosted individually or in pairs by families of
the school would spend at least half their days at school with the students and half spent engaged
in cultural and sporting activities in the community, or at the school. If you prefer to have them
in the school all day, all the better!

The students would be accompanied by two teachers (one French and me, who is obviously not, given my
name) who would also need to be hosted in accommodation there.

Please think, consider, reflect ... and say YES! I am hoping that any such exchange will become the
first of many repeat visits over successive years to build a solid relationship with a community,
school and individual students and teachers. Our school is based on an idea of cultural exchanges,
so we are committed to developing a mutually beneficial relationship with the host school.

Long, wordy, but I hope you got the drift!

I look forward to speaking further with ... anyone interested!
Report 16 years ago
Dear Colin,
i am looking for a bilingual nursery/primary school for my child in London for the next year. Maybe you can help me to get a list?
thank in advance
[email protected]
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