Psychology 16 marker HELP/ADVICE!!

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If there was a question which was:
‘Discuss the effects of institutionalisation. Refer to the Roman Orphans in your answer’ (16 mark)

Would the answer to the question be correct if I put
AO1 as:
- poor parenting
- social maladjustment including disinhibited attachment
- deprivation dwarfism
- intellectually under functioning

AO3 as:
- Rutters Romanian studies (explained what he did)

- Support for poor parenting seen through Harlows monkeys (because they didn’t have the opportunity to form an attachment-privation- leading to them later having issues with mating and becoming a parent)

-Support from social maladjustment seen through rutters Romanian orphans

-Support for deprivation dwarfism using Gardner

- Support for parenting using Quinton

- Support for social development seen through results from Rutters Romanian orphans

Please please let me know if this correct or incorrect!! I’ve just done a test and answered it and I really just want clarity on if it’s right or not?

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