Confused between SOAS and Goldsmiths, and managing funding

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Hi everyone. I've gotten unconditional offers from both SOAS and Goldsmiths for MA Gender Studies and MA in Gender, Media and Culture respectively. However, I was quite silly and didn't apply for scholarships on time and now funding is an issue (international student from India). I'd love to accept the offer from either of these universities (leaning towards SOAS) but I'm also worried about being able to manage studies and a part time job. Also caught between both these universities. If anyone could give me any input on what they know of these two universities, the respective programmes, and managing work and studies and finances, it would really help.
(I'm planning to do my Ph.D later too and I'll need to find a scholarship for that as well so it's very overwhelming)
(also applied to Sussex and they haven't gotten back to me yet, but that seems like a better option financially, thoughts?
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Hi, Hope you and your family are keeping well in these trying times. I could throw some light on the Gender Studies course at SOAS. Honestly, it is one of the most detailed, interesting, innovative, and vast syllabi I have come across. The syllabi pay special attention to varied issues across the world--from the Middle East to the Global South. The faculty is very accommodating of everyone's viewpoints and allows a class environment supportive of learning. The syllabi are curated keeping in mind the recent happenings around the world, and the degree shall obviously prove helpful in acquiring a job after the completion of the course. If you are able to time your work and remain disciplined then it is not much of a difficulty managing a part-time job and your studies. SOAS also has hardship funds which shall be of immense help in situations of crisis. London is obviously a costly place to live in but if you are able to get space in a shared accommodation-- it shall reduce some of the financial expenditures. Also refraining from eating out shall help you to save. Hope this helps!Regards, SOAS digital ambassador.

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