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Hey, I'm a potential international student from America with offers for both University of Bristol and UWE Bristol with some questions about each of them as I'm considering them both. If anyone knows the answers of any of these, any information would be much appreciated.

Obviously, I understand that Bristol University is considered more prestigious and the like, but I was wondering more about the student life side of things. I know UWE is a campus university with Bristol technically being in the city, but I was wondering how the "campus feel" compares between the two. I also was curious as to the accommodations- How are UWE's on-campus accommodations? Are they particularly social compared to Bristol's? Additionally, I know Bristol has a reputation for being a bit posh, so is there a big difference in the type of people that go to both?

Likewise, one big thing for me in favor of UWE is its Music Centre, which has rehearsal spaces and studios for bands, and I plan on starting or joining a band in university, with Bristol's music facilities seeming to be a bit less expansive. Is the "Music scene" in general particularly different at either of these universities?

I also saw that UWE has a North American student society, whereas Bristol oddly does not, so in case anyone knows, I was also curious if anyone knows whether one has a higher population of American and Canadian students at it.

Finally, I know that Bristol Uni is definitely the more prestigious of the two, but is UWE well respected/well recognized by employers?

Apologies for asking so many questions, but I really want to know as much as I can before I try to make an official call. If anyone is able to answer any of these questions, I'd be very thankful.

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