Leeds building society - Senior complaints associate role assessment

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Hello Everyone,

I have applied for a senior complaints associate role and have been given a scenario where i will be asked question on the day of interview. If anybody could help with the possible questions that may be asked and answers, i would appreciate this a lot.

The scenario given is:

Senior Complaint handling exercise

Complaint details

Mr A. contacted the Moortown branch in 2003 when his Uncle, Mr B. passed away to enquire if he had any accounts with the Leeds Building Society. He received a written response from the Moortown Branch confirming that no accounts were held. (Mr A retained a copy of this letter and the branch has had sight of this).

Recently Mr A. was reviewing some old paperwork and came across some pension paperwork of his Uncle which quoted a Leeds Building Society account; this confirmed that the funds were still being paid into an active account.

This prompted Mr. A to revisit the branch on Saturday to query it.

It came to light during this visit, that his Uncle does have an active account which now has a balance of £21,233.88.

Mr A. is very upset with the situation and feels he should be compensated for the distress and inconvenience caused by the society. He stated that Mr B. had no accounts elsewhere therefore as his executor Mr A. had to pay for the funeral expenses out of his own money and wasn't able to afford to have a head stone for his Uncle.

He has provided the Society with the following breakdown of expenses:

£3680.15 for the funeral
£60.45 for the plot
£76.25 for miscellaneous costs

Investigation notes

In 2003 Mr A was informed that his uncle Mr B. did not hold any accounts with us.

On our system Mr B’s. address was recorded as 51 Kendal Carr, however the address provided by Mr A. was, 14 Kendal Carr.

Mr B. had previously lived at 14 Kendal Carr, however he had moved in 1999.

The staff member dealing with the enquiry searched for the information only using the address provided by Mr A.

Whilst this seems such a minor difference; it would appear this prevented the staff member being able to correctly identify Mr B’s. account information and resulted in Mr A. being incorrectly informed that Mr B.held no accounts with us.

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