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Hi there, I need help with writing part of an extract question.( It's on page 152 in the Stuart Britain and the Crisis of Monarchy 1603-1702 book)

This is the question: Using your understanding of the historical context, assess how convincing the arguments in Extract 1,2 and 3 are, in relation to the reason for the return to a conservative government by 1660 after the division in the political nation from 1640.

This is the extract: EXTRACT 3
It is likely that Cromwell had no intention of accepting the crown: he was happy with the Protectorate regime and saw himself as its constable. Cromwell did not want the crown. The long period of inaction was so that other aspects of the Humble Petition and Advice could be negotiated. Over the next few months Cromwell removed the linchpin of the army in government and opponents of kingship, John Lambert, from his command. That Cromwell could do so to a man who had threatened to resign if Cromwell had taken the crown suggests that there was no need to simply do what the officers wanted. Cromwell rejected the crown because it was a tainted title for God. It had taken a long and personally difficult battle for him to reach this position. It is a mark of Cromwell's political consistency, rather than an indecisive reaction to conflicting pressures, that ensured that he remained a protector to the people, not a king over them.
Adapted from Oliver Cromwell by Martyn Bennett (Routledge, 2006)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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