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Hello.. How good is the University for Applied Biotechnology?
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Hello.. How good is the University for Applied Biotechnology?
Hi there,

If you have completed previous studies in Biological sciences either at degree level, professional experience or it is just a topic of interest to you then our established Masters in Biotechnology, which has been extensively updated, includes a wide range of modern molecular biology techniques and how biotechnology can be used by today's society is for you. Through this course and it's department, we have links with Sekisui Diagnostics, an international company that manufactures enzymes for diagnostic purposes and students get the opportunity to visit their facilities and experience first-hand how an industrial scale bioprocess operates.

This course is based at the Cavendish campus in central London which is the hub for our Science subjects. The campus boasts an array of laboratories (including the Tissue culture lab) and scientific research rooms for experimental and practical use such as the Fermentation Suite equipped with fully instrumented and controlled bioreactors of all sizes ranging from 0.5 L to 72 L and bench top downstream processing rigs including Armfield’s chromatography and tangential flow filtration units
In addition, you will be able to use the brand new "Hive" collaborative social space and restaurant which was built over the past year.

Best wishes,

Course Enquiries Team

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