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That’s stretching it a little. There are Jewish communities all around the world, and over half of all Jews do not live in Israel. They have right of return but many other countries exercise this policy too, although not on religious grounds. For many Jews though, Israel does not represent their religion and you will find plenty who disagree with some Israeli policies. The point I’m making is that just because you’re Jewish does not mean you identify as Israeli or vice versa

As for the rest of my statement, Judaism is a religion.
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Yesssssss let's goooo absolute legend

I was scrolling looking for smthn related to this

I don’t think this is the correct place for that. The OP hasn’t posted in a while, wonder why.
Tbh as a Jew myself I’m sick of getting asked about Palestine and Zionism when none of my family live in or have anything to do with Israel.
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You don't make the rules on this site, if someone wants to mention Palestine on a thread they are free to do so.

Pretty sure abusing the anon feature is breaking one of them. But my point was you can just go make a thread about Palestine, no need to intimidate the OP about it on probably one of the only threads made by a Jewish person on this site
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Ngl you might have that view but I think it’s pretty bigoted to post that on a thread made specifically by a Jewish person. They also did not say that they’re Israeli.

You could’ve posted that literally anywhere else on the site…

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I see your point, although if an Islamic country were to grant right of return to all followers of Islam I wouldn’t automatically associate all Muslims with that country. Judaism is probably unique in that part that it is a non-proselytising religion, so a Jewish nation state could be created out of the fact that there is some common ancestry. But the point still remains that the majority of Jews are not Israeli, so I wouldn’t associate all Jewish people with the Israeli nation state (not saying you are but in general).
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Do you believe that the very traditionalist fringe sections of Judaism like the Satmar and Neturei Karta groups located within England & the USA will ever accept significant reform?
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how do people do that- i could never:yucky:

you paid for the pot you should get 100% of the yorgurt its not a jewish thing its called being cost effective
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What do you think about The Merchant of Venice?
Are Jews a race or just a religion?

im pretty sure its an ethnic group and a religion