This year hasn't gone as I hoped

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Last year I was at home pretty much the whole year because I started college but I dropped out because I just wasn't motivated to continue and didn't like it. I only went a week and dropped out then was at home unbusy while everyone else was going to college working towards a future, I was at home, sometimes going to macdonalds and I was just coming home playing games all day. After a few months I realised my family working while I was just on my Nintendo switch, at this point I was sharing rooms with my brother because his room was getting work done and I was just at home thinking everyone is busy working, my family is, we have builders working hard and I was at home playing with this stupid Nintendo Switch and I realised its bad I need to sort myself out. At this point covid came but I had a sibling doing online classes with school, my brother was working, my family was working and I was on my stupid games.

I started to think what was the reasoning behind quitting college, I could have stayed, been busy and sorted out my future then I could have come home to play games because it was only 3 days a week as well. I thought in September I'll go back because I can't continue staying at home doing nothing, it's embarrassing, my family weren't happy, it was making me depressed tbh and it's not going to look good 8n my future. I went back to that college, applied, I told the staff about my situation saying I'm going to retry this year and they were alright they told me when my induction was then gave me an I'd badge. I started induction and it was alright. The problem is only 1 maybe 2 months in I realised I don't like it again, I continued but I didn't like it, I was feeling depressed and stuff. Im still there now but I thought when I started this year will be a fresh start but its not, I have been feeling down a lot recently and much more last year. I was happier last year doing nothing than coming to college, one of the main reasons for going back to college was so I could be happier, meet new people or friends but to be honest people in my group have made fun of me especially at the start and I have not really made any good friends. I thought before September this is going to be a much better year but it really hasn't. I'm just unsure what to do anymore because things haven’t worked out really.
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go study and get to uni
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You have to remain in education or training until 18 so not sure how you’ve got away with that

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