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I was set the following question - you must also include a discussion that shows how cognitive research as influenced practice in an area of applied psychology, for example, Eyewitness testimony, visual illusions, learning to read or any other relevant application. The focus of this section of your article should be dementia.

I submitted an answer writing about validation theory proposed by feil (1992) and the dementia village in the Netherlands. I also went on to speak about schema theory as this linked in with the dementia village.

I received the work back with a response saying - you need to revisit this, you need to look at the for and against of recent cognitive neuroscience research on dementia.I am so confused as I feel the question I was set and the feedback I was given are not talking about the same thing.
I responded asking for clarification as I did not feel they were the same and I was only given a response saying it was important to talk about cognitive neuroscience as this is more up to date.
Can anyone help me please? When I google ‘cognitive neuroscience dementia’ not a lot comes up!

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