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Hi Guys,

I have to choose between KCL and Edinburgh for Economics since both their offers are similar. Could you please let me know which uni would provide the better platform for me, not just academically, but also employability and socially-wise (e.g networking etc.) to get into Finance/Investment Banking/Consultancyy. I believe although Economics at Edinburgh ranks higher, most of their graduates are employed by Scottish Banks only, as they have strong ties with them, though I may be misinformed. Would KCL thus be a better option since it is in London and would probably provide me with a greater network? Please advise on which would be the better for my future prospects ($$$) and an overall good uni experience. Thanks
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King's will probably provide you with better prospects in London simply because of location. Edinburgh is superior for economics teaching and social life, it'll also be cheaper (assuming you're going straight into the 2nd year), but kings' only advantage is that it's a well known uni in London and this probably makes a bigger difference than all the other aforementioned factors.

There are unis outside of London where the difference in quality is so large that it overcomes kings' location advantage (e.g. Oxbridge, Warwick). I'd even say that going to other semi-targets in the South would be better than kings like Bristol, Bath, Nottingham (midlands I guess), but Edinburgh is just so far away from London that recruiting is trickier. If you plan to do a master's tho then Edinburgh's location isn't an issue.

So as much as I dislike recommending a uni that's worse for economics and social life (imo), king's will probably have better career prospects simply because of location which is a bit of a shame really. They only started their BSc Economics course a few years ago and it's in their business school, hence why most would consider it inferior for economics.

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