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Hello, long story short, I am wanting to go to uni come Autumn 2022. To do so I am doing an A level in history at Open study College whilst working full time. OSC follows the Edexcel exam board.

Now, I have completed all units so far, which include: Russia from Lenin to Yeltsin
Maos China
Britain in Revolution

Unit 4 is the coursework question that consists of the Cold war. I can choose one of the three questions ( all three start with 'historians disagree about the origins and evolution of the Cold war')
1) what is your view of the significance of the role of stalin in the origins of the cold war 1945-49
2)what is your view of the significance of US foreign policy in the evolution of the cold war between 1949-55
3) what is your view of the significance of the division of Germany in the origins of the cold war between the years 1945-1950.

My question is simply how do I lay out the essay itself ( its to be 3-4000 words ) and does anyone have any decent sources that I can analyse and ultimately use in my write up? I do have some sources given to me by the college but I won't lie, they're not exactly the best in terms of information or substance.

Would appreciate any advice/help as an old b****** at 21 😂.
Thank yo
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Hello! Your essay structure should be: introduction, 3-4 points, conclusion. Your three points should be three separate ideas, ideally focusing on debates between historians about your question. I would recommend googling books on your topic and reading through them as thoroughly as you can. You'll need to find three key texts, ideally ones that disagree with each other so that you have some interesting debate to discuss in your essay. For example, you might find a book where the historian argues that Stalin's role was hugely significant in beginning the Cold War, and another book which argues the complete opposite. Other than these three key texts, you'll also need supporting evidence from other historians to strengthen your argument. Make notes on the Coursework Record Sheet as you go along, it'll make your life much easier when you're writing the essay. Make sure you consistently refer back to the question, and position yourself within the debate. Don't just state the historians' arguments, but also say whose you find more convincing, and why. Is the evidence of one historian more compelling? In your conclusion, summarise what you've written and make sure to give a clear judgement about your opinion on the question, and how you came to this judgement. I hope this helps, good luck!

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