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Nursing at Queens...

Can you give me a few tips on what the course is like?
Was the interview hard?
Just any general information really!!


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In my interview i was asked first to tell them why i wanted to be a nurse - try to make it more intersting than i want to help people try to talk about a personal experience that made you admire the nurses.

They will ask questions to see how you will deal with certain scenarios for example i was asked how i would deal with the family of a child who was terminally ill - evil i know!!!

They more than likely will ask questions from your personal statement so make sure you know it and that its truthful. They ask questions about the course so make sure you know what it involves ie half time spent in uni and half spent on placement.

Its a nerve racking experience but they women(2 of them) who interviewed me were very nice one was from a local hospital and one was from the uni.

My interview lasted about 15 mins or less

tips - relax, dont sit down untill they tell you, dont say 'like' a lot and if you get stuck ask for a drink of water or ask them to repeat the question so you can think of an answer. i totally froze for a few seconds that felt like forever but i still got my offer and my place in feb!!!

hope this helps Good Luck

And also if you have done any work experince in hopsitals try to bring that up and talk about it
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
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I'm looking forward to applying lol

I am a rather rare breed in that I actually enjoy interviews.

I believe the applications will be opening in the next few weeks:smile:
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Has anyone recieved an interview for Queens???
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I haven't sent away my application form yet... i know how slow.
I am hoping to send it this week.
I am sure they will have to read all of the applications first and they don't stop until the 15th of january so maybe it will be sometime after that date
Good luck!
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I applied for nursing two years ago got through the interview and was asked to attend the health test thingy. But then i decided I wanted to go a different route.

Now I realise that was a big mistake and I'm reappling again now, how badly do you think I've previously applied will count against me?
Im hoping to get a place on Adult Nursing at Queen's for sept at the ripe old age of 27 (Still look 19 tho apparently lol!) Worked in Pharmacy for 4 years and finally taking the leap. Anyone know roughly when the interviews will be?!
Does anyone know when short-listed applicants are called for an interview?

I really hope I get an interview, so they can see how much i really want to be a nurse! I'm afraid my reference from my principal might go against me, as I have missed alot of days in the past two years, in regauds to health...ish.

Even though she has no reason, and would not deform my character as I have been a good student the past 5 years...I have a feeling my attendance will stand againts me...

HELP!!!!! :frown: How can I get around this???
I am also 27 and have been told I look younger! Don't feel it though, I am nervous at being a bit older when applying but I guess it shows maturity and courage going back into full time education after 10 years out of it. I also have suffered from depression since 17 and have gaps in my employment history and have been off sick from work. I was worried if this would go against me, so I rang the queens registry and they told me that as long as I met the academic criteria, that I would be asked to come for an interview and then I could explain my absences if asked. I would tell somone not to dwell on them too much, but if asked have a reason prepared and justify the absences.
I took my application down on Monday, can't wait to hear if I have actually got an interview, wish it was all over, am currently doing an Access course at night and it is hard going!
Anyone have an idea about times we are in, like 9-5 or how does it work?
Thanks :nurse:
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My friend does nursing in the learning diability branch, from what I recall he is in everyday but not 9-5. Somedays he is in lik 9-2, 11-4 etc. I think he's out on placement now though. I handed my application into after a massive headache regarding references etc.
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i'v applied for the learning disability branch starting feb 2010!! Currently finishing off my first degree which i hate and so my attendance has been awful!! Glad i read your comments "too old for this", but still worry this will go against me!!! does anyone know much about the interview etc?? and what bout this basic numerical test it says you may have to do?? c
Yea references are a nightmare, my boss didn't give me a particularly good one, she is just not that type of woman, so I had to get another one, it is very stressful.
Good to hear that it's not all 9-5, a little break up like 9-2 etc jus gives you a little flexibility. Would be nice to know an example timetable, I just like to know what to expect, I can't find one anywhere on web.
How long do you think before we hear if we have an interview?
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i hope we hear soon, was having a nosey around the pages on this student room thing and loads of the English unis seem to be holding their interviews next month, i don't know how queens do it though cos i guess they don't have to go by UCAS deadlines etc etc!
My friend is in her second year of nursing, im not sure exactly what her timetable is like, but she still has time for a part time job and a social life!
Spookily similar backround as me too old for this, I too have suffered from depression from the age of 15/16 and have missed work due to this and related issues at home but only over the last year has it been bad and I too was worried it may go against me. But that is reassuring! However Im pretty sure my two referees have given me glowing references fingers crossed!! :smile:
I remember reading somewhere someone had her interview for children's nursing at Queens in March and my cousin who went down the Open University route didnt have her interview until june/july!
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Anyone heard anything yet? I'm sick of waiting
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Me neither =[
I just posted mine before xmas but still nothing.
I think it will be th longest wait everrrr!
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i got bored of this wait and rang them!! they said they are going through the applications are are beginning to short list now. Interviews should be held in March! good luck everyone x
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Glad to hear no one else has heard anything been panicing !
University of Ulsters interviews are meant to be end of Feb, March hope it doesnt clash
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Thanks for the upate Sophie =]
This waiting is driving me mad... I am going to be bald by the end of it!!
No word for me yet or any of the girls on my course. Not sure if we can take much more of this waiting!!
Good luck all you!

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