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Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast

Nursing at Queens...

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Reply 180
oooh god good thing i got my offer this time............I got a C in school changed my course in 5th year and made me do lower tier grr
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
Reply 181
thank godness i got in this time...i hated maths and got a C...would have hated having to do it again!!!!!!!
Oh i agree thank god i got it last time! I would definately fail it if i had to do it again... I also got a C!
Reply 183
I got a C too! Looks like we all just got in just in time.

It seems from here there's a pretty even balance between September and February starts. I'm so jealous of you guys starting in September I wanted to start straight away and see what it's all like!
Reply 184
yea i know what you mean....cant realyl be bothered waiting around til feb!!!
Reply 185
I'm so glad i got on for the september start..........i get off uni for summer in 3 about a month i'll be craving to start.......its a bitch long and long for summer and then you get bored after a month.

on another point.......roll on drug calculations and such :o:
Reply 186
that aspect of the course is going to be my downfall...MASSIVELY!!!

oh yea and my health check thing is on 1st June
Reply 187
haven't heard about my health check yet damn them.....hoping it won't be when i'm in London :s-smilie:
I'm so jealous of you guys starting in September I wanted to start straight away and see what it's all like!

Me too... its gonna be like walking past in september, going i shall be there in Feburary hopefully! :smile:

What are yous doing for accomodation if your being in Feburary?
Reply 189
im just gonna commute from home....bangor to belfast rush hour, cant wait...hmm!!!
Reply 190
so not in a happy mood at the of my rerferences wasn't recieved grrr
Reply 191
yea me too! soo annoying!! freaked me out cos they said if its not recieved by 14thJune they reconsider your place!!!!
Reply 192
yeaa.......i got my dad to leave my reference form in with the place i used to work (boots ) but some simpleton who worked there fialed to give it to my manager.......rang her and shes happy to get it sorted for me a.s.a.p tho.....sooo yay.......i won't be calm till it's sorted though:eek:
Reply 193
Sorry I'm confused how were your references not recieved? Are they the references that were with the application form or do they need new ones? ONe of my references was from my course director but I don't know if he'll even still be in the uni now that's summer
Reply 194
no no these are the references that were meant to be in around about the same time of the application don't be getting worried:wink:
Reply 195
i actually gave mine to my manager in January and she said yea yea ill do it now then send it of....clearly she didnt!!!!! unimpressed haah
Gosh, i hope that my references went through okay as well! My boss isnt what the call the most pleasant!
Reply 197
Hi! I got my place for September, I'm so excited but I'm not too sure about housing. I'm English but my parents are from Belfast and are in the process are moving back...however, after already going to uni away from home theres no way I want to live with them again! Are the halls good or is it better to find a shared house??? I know quite a lot of people tend to stay at home but I don't think I could adjust....any ideas?! Thanks guys :smile:
Well i am thinking about moving up to Belfast and going into halls; so im thinking about phoning up queens and asking if there is any way i can move up in feburary instead of septmeber.

I personally think halls would be better, like getting to know new people and all that:smile:
Reply 199
halls r great way to meet people and a realy good laugh as well! don't think i could cope with living in halls when on placement....everyone partying and me having to go to work!!!

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