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Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast

Nursing at Queens...

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oh god... like 12 hours.... thank god they are online, don't fink i could wait on the post man...!! :L:L
though i think i will still be up all night! :O
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
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aww bless ya lol

i did that last year.....tried to stay up all night before falling asleep at like 5am

best of luck louise.....hopefully future nurse:smile:
i did it!!! :smile: i got bcc!! i hope that is enough!!!!
Congrats Louise!

I wont find out until 11 am in school, i know that with Magee, the decision is still pending! :s-smilie:
u not wif ccea?
I did AQA and edexcel boards, but St. Pat's is being weird and everyone has to go in at that time! -_-

Now im freaking out i wont get into uni! :frown:
ah... i am in st pats academy dungannon
u will be great... reserve or conditional?
well im st pats maghera! Ah Conditional for Learning disability at queens, and Mental health at UU Magee
lucky you... i have to wait for someone to fail... how bad do i feel :L
mental health fingers crossed tho =/
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congrats louise:biggrin:...hopefully you don't have to wait too long to hear about getting in
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Ok I've been away for a few days and just remembered that the results were out yesterday. I haven't heard anything from Queens yet? I'm freaking out cos I thought the offers were sent out around the same time as the results.
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don't be worrying too much Shona...I thought our offers would have been sent out by now also but myself nor a few others i know have recieved nothing:s-smilie:

If i don't hear anything by Monday I'm going to be likely to phone and see what's going on its just a little stressful not knowing what is going on.
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:biggrin: Thank goodness! So we don't have to do anything then? I know people who just recieved results have to go and verify them but cos we're just waiting for offers there's nothing we have to do? I keep thinking there's something i've forgotten to do!
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Oh I have news....just got a letter confirming my place on the course:biggrin:....says it contains an induction timetable but i appear to be missing this ffs.

Only stuydents who were awaiting any new results after the interview and before the commencement of the course had to verify their results. So i'm guessing your offer was the same as mine....pass OH, police check, references etc.
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Oh congratulations Jason at least you know now you're defintely in! If yours arrived today mine might be on the way too I'm in work though so I'll have to run home afterwards to check!
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if i got mine today your's should hopefully be waiting by your letterbox:biggrin:

I am working this evening so i can't sadly celebrate much...gonna do the whole dinner n drinks thing before i see chicago...or chicargo as most people pronounce it on monday:biggrin:
i want to know what chance i have...... so nervous and ucas offers are messing me around :frown:
Hey All I got my offer today also! Jason what do you mean by ffs. I didnt get any bursary forms or reading lists but they said I would need all the books etc before commencing the course. Also Unifrom fittings are 8th September. Does anyone know what the uniform £allowance is... Its all so real now... Im panicking about finances now and it nevered bothered me before - ahh student life is definitely drawing near with the thought of being skint again ... but well and truly worth it! Good luck to everyone on reserve lists you are still in a great position!! :biggrin:
congrats all who have got in so far!!! :biggrin: hopefully i will see you all in september :s-smilie:
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Hiya guys :biggrin:
Cograts to all of you who have got in, that is sooo super.
I got my a levels yesterday and I got an abc.. so well chuffed & have enought for nursing. Just have to verify my results on Monday, although I am quite low on the reserve list though :frown: I really hope i get in because i didn't get psychology at queens :frown:
Fingers & toes crossed lmao.
Well done to everyone again, hope to see you all on 14th of sept :biggrin:

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