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Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast

Nursing at Queens...

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Yeah, except the course is £2100 which i would lose and have to being paying back if i drop out, as soon as i leave! :s-smilie: Gosh
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
suppose... emm... well u could wait until the very last and see what was the lowest grade admittance for the course in september intake... and make a decision... do you think you will get in - sort of conversation that is difficult!
I just rung and they said i was still on the adult nursing reserve list but they have only sorted half way thru it ???? :s-smilie:
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Did they? they told me all the places wer takin already grr wat grades did you get amy? do you have adult as your first cjoice?
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Still no word ... i am ringing tomorro x
x zoe c
Did they? they told me all the places wer takin already grr wat grades did you get amy? do you have adult as your first cjoice?

I got CDE so i dont expect to get in... because im on the reserve list....... my first choice is adult sept. and 2nd adult feb.. they told me i will def know 2moro!
has anyone hear put LD nursing as a 1st or 2nd choice and is still waiting on word back?
has anyone heard... i might ring!.....
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Just off the phone.. They said that nothing more will change so i will probably hear next week. Grrrrr!!
They said flipping thrusday! I hate ringing them!
They told me next week too! :frown:
Told me next week too!!
Told me that people need to drop out in order for more places to be allocated.
We start in like 2 weeks.....leaving it a bit late yeahhhh :frown:
Stay positive everyone! Even though this waiting is AWFUL!!
Got my formal acceptance letter y'day...
has our preliminary timetable - we start at 10am on Monday 14th...
but what is more worrying - uniform is £140 to be paid Tuesday 8th... as well as £10 for Clinical Portfolio Document... £30 for a POCVA check... God knows how much for books
AND we don't get our first bursary payment until 2 weeks into the course - which would be the start of October - don't know about anyone else but I have rent to pay and car insurance aswell...

Can we get a maintainence loan - even though we get a bursary?
Louise I don't think we get any extra help coz of bursary, i've been looking it up and rang queens finance officer and she said unless you have kids the bursary is all u get.
it's a nitemare!
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i was talking to a girl i know who does nursing and apparently the first installment of the bursery is bigger so that it can cover books and uniform. f ound this on the queens site,152265,en.pdf

says you get £80 book allowance and £110 unform allowance
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im doing childrens nursing at Queens, anyone else?? I havent heard of many people doing it.
Does anyone know where to go on Tuesday 8th for the uniform stuff, didnt say on the letter
it said we get an enrolement and registration letter, was in the same paragraph as the uniform part - so i assume more info will be in that letter

sophie - found that as well! should help... but unfortunately we have to pay most of that before we get the bursary payment... overdraft may be needed :L
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ooh right I say that now thankyou. Starting to get nervous now!
ditto... can't wait though! know anyone doing mental health nursing?? lolz... i will know no-one... but i am actually quite excited about it!!
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nope noone, im not going to know anyone either, hopefully everyone is the same so we are all in the same boat!
i think for the first year all nursing people will be together anyways. Im most exicted about getting my uniform!
me too weirdly... gonna seem really weird, and if we are together, but do you want to like say hello to each other? :L:L
i am kind of hoping knowing a few people of here will help a wee bit... like we won't know each other to see but we can all kinda be like... i am wearing such and such or i look like... :L:L:L
i got new shoes y'day to waer with my uniform... :smile::biggrin:

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