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Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast

Nursing at Queens...

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Thanks guys! I wish it was more clear but never mind!
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
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anyone paid for the access NI check yet? i did it yesterday its really strange the way they have laid out it.. shopping carts enall
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Yea the webpage for doing that was rather strange.

I got mine all sorted when I got my offer letter and recieved my certificate last month.....certifiably not a criminal never thought i'd have to say that
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even though i know ive done no criminal activity there is still that bit of worry haha. a certificate ? how strange.
cant wait to get the welcome pack!
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I am sooo confused i dont know what to do. My ucas application just changed sayin my insurance choice (Health Psychology in Edinburgh) was confirmed. I dont wanna go away but I don't want to be dossing about doing nothing for a year & I still haven't heard anything from Queens about this nursing. I also have no accomadation sorted or my student loan for that course :frown:.. but i wanna be at uni doing something. Any ideas guys? Grrr this whole thing has stressed me out sooo flipping much. I would love for queens to just hurry the flip up, its sooo frustrating!!
Sorry for the rant guys, just all my friends are off to uni and I am stuck doing nothing
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Hmmm time is really ticking so you can't afford to wait queens tommoro and ask them if there is any chance of you getting a place on nursing this year. If they are hesitant to say or don't answer then go for what you are sure of and go for your insurance choice and sort out the student finance for that. If you don't act soon you're going to end up with nothing and that won't be a fun year at all think of it like that.

If it turns out that QUB do eventually offer you a place you could always change your mind at the last minute.

For the student finance if you applied for finance for queens, you just need to fill in a change of circumstances form to tell them it's going to be a different uni and the fee's will be of a different amount. And it really shouldn't take too long to sort out.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do:smile:
hey guys, moved into my flat today... all so exciting now. My mum paid for my POCVA check... aint she good... although this will be the grand total of 4 since october :lol::rolf2:
and she is going to buy my uniform too :smile::smile:
the whole not getting the bursary to week two might leave me short for freshers week :mmm:

anyway.... good luck to all my fellow nurses, and i will try and meet as many of you as i can in class... so weird i actually might see what you all look like :lol:
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aww cool i am rather jealous of you .....can't wait to move back up to belfast again:biggrin:...not till the 19th tho ffs

as for freshers week if you find yourself a bit short....find a group of guys who are drinking heavily and you'll be sorted the whole nite lol....or...go out dressed up as a nurse= simples

i have to go shopping for new clothes before we start...any xcuse
oh god i no!! i got new shoes for placement, i no we are not allowed to wear like ballerina pumps
but would these be ok??
they have all the support, and a proper sole. will be dissappointed if not, cos i LOVE them...

and first day? we have to dress professional... but i don't want to be over dressed... so what do you fink, skinny jeans, top and cardigan and cute pumps and a scarf... i need like advice on everything!! :lol::lol:

so we start class before you move up... and you raging :rant2:
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aye we have our induction week then i move in on that sat/sun.. so i have to get the train up and down every bloody day lol

i bought shoes today they aren't the most stylish but sure they're practical...haven't a clue if those shoes would be okay they seem smart and comfortable enough looking

first day i will be wearing god knows what....jeans...converse and a shirt....or maybe i should dress to impress...first impressions and all that lol
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we have to dress professional.. awk no i look terrible in those type of clothes! make the day even more uncomfortable! ive alot of new uni clothes shopping to do... like lots and lots

not sure about placement shoes, ive been trying to nosey on google to see if there are queens uniforms up but i found nothing.

omg still cant beleive this is real yet !
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ooh also louise those shoes are gorgeous! hope you are allowed to wear them
i found a pic a while back... can't remember where... but the uniform is a white tunic with a green ring on the arms and around the collar... like a nurse would be a blue tunic with a white ring?? and then black trousers i guess...

can't remember where i read that when we weren't in uniform we had to dress professional - that much googling has been done!!

this time next week we will be getting our uniforms fitted!! :lol:
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i am hoping it's going to be here try that on as opposed to full scale.... i am going to molest you with my measuring tape....that ain't fun:o:
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Does anyone have a time for the fitting next week? All I have is the date - 8th September. Jason1990 - did you get your timetable? I got mine yesterday.
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hahaaa might be abit of molesting going on infront of everyone, calling out measurements enall awful!
strange we would have to dress professional who are we trying to impress?? how often are we not in uniform.
noo dont know where or what time to go at, itll probably come in the next enrolement letter.
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Where does it say to dress professional? Didn't see that anywhere??
Guys don't be stressing about what to wear, that will be the least of our worries when we start the course. When we are in class it shouldn't matter too much what we wear, more when on placement?
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oh i worry about everything, cant worry about class yet soo ill worry about clothes
going to buy new ones today!
£6055 bursary?? i tought it was £3000 was a nice surprise to recieve in the post today :smile:
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Phoned up and they said that children's nusring is closed and there is no movement in the reserve list and she didn't want to give me false hope. I don't think I got in, i hate them, they have been sooooo unhelpful through the whole process!!
Sorry everyone, just annoyed.
Congrats everyone again :biggrin:

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