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Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
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haha i know i confuse myself somtimes
yeah i did type capitals for the password, i couldnt get on at first then i realised that i was meant to use my username code not my actual name.. i really can be soo stupit
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
I was able to get on but when I got to enrol - it said "You do not have access to enrollment at this time". I think I'll try on Monday! Sorry, should also say hello. I'm new to this forum. Starting on the 14th September, Child Branch. Can't wait!
I'm a mature student at 32 and hoping I'm not the oldest one there!!! :smile:
where do you go to enrol... finally found it... was on the wrong site :mmm: only a wee bit blonde
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yeahh cant enrol yet silly Queens hopefully we will be able too by Tuesday, its thier fault anyways if we cant.
there was meant to be a step by step thing come up when you go to student center but since we cant enroll it wont come up
yeah... mine just went straight to the main menu fing... there was no registration wizard fing

silly queens
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I tried to get on there and can get onto qsis grand but yea no registration wizard....better sort itself out on Monday.

My uniform fitting is at 3-4pm and my enrolement 4-5pm....must be alphabetical i have the misfortune of having a surname beginning with Y....i always go last:mad: lol

Definitely starting to feel very real now:biggrin:
isn't it!!! i am so excited! :biggrin::biggrin:

my enrolement is before my uniform fitting, but others seem to have it the opposite way... makes sense tho! :yup:
My enrolment is 3-4 and uniform 4-5. Do we have to bring anything with us - apart from money to pay for uniform?
it didn't say... i would just bring the letter, and to be safe i am bringing some id - just incase... you never know.
I have decided i am going to call them monday morning and explain that a lot of people are having problems enrolling - as it is not yet open.

does anybody know anybody doing mental health nursing??
hey belfast girl, I'm a mature student too, I'm 27, well 28 2moro! I'm doing adult branch though, can't wait. I wont be there on Tuesday, my lovely hubby is taking me to London for a wee break before nursing and 4 my bday, but they said that would be ok. Can't wait, only 9 days to go!
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I'll be seeing you on Tuesday afternoon then belfastgirl:p:

I don't think we need to bring anything with us no, apart from maybe id.
...who knows

Too old for this enjoy London and happy birthday.. for tommoro:biggrin: ...i am incredibly jealous of you heading to London...I won't be heading back aagin till dec/jan which is depressing i love the the point where i prefer it to week in spain:s-smilie: lol
Ha ha Jason - I'll be the old one among the very young! :p:
So you may be the only guy, or do you know of any others?

louise_1229 - I don't know any mental health - sorry, just a few people doing adult.

too old for this - at least there is someone sort of near my age starting - hope you have a lovely birthday and break away. Nice to have something so nice before you start.
was hoping tsr wouldn't leave me standing in the corner :lol:
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Hmm at my occupational health interview i got talking to another guy who was a few years older than provided he got a place i shouldn't be the only male.....won't really bother me either way really tho.

aww louise you shan't be left in the corner :p: ....i'll be there too ..i'm shy at first but once i get started it's hard to shut me up i talk so much crap:rolleyes:
we are all a bit like that if any of these posts are anything to go by... apparently MH is one of the only branches where men:women is kinda even-ish

suppose cos it can be kinda physical
Some information on the uniform if you want to know what we'll be wearing for the next 3 years on placement. This is from a friend of mine in 3rd year:
"The uniform is a tunic and trousers and a coat. You can't choose a dress. You get 3 tops and 2 trousers. It would be good to get a top with plenty of room as the wards are so so hot! The coat is a waterproof coat in navy with the queens badge on it. It has a fleece on the inside for the winter months....... its really handy..... and i think you are supposed to use it for going into placements instead of your own personal coat. I really don't think anyone would say anything, but i do use it an awful lot."
I'm not sure if we get our uniforms on Tues or just measured for them - anyone know?
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I think we get our uniforms a few weeks into the far as i know we won't be on placement until november so in no big rush to get them anyways:smile:

i am hoping we get our student card on tuesday i want to go mad and shop with student discount again
sounds like an idea jason... i have to wait until i get my bursary payment - skinto at the moment... so glad belfastgirl cleared up my confusion!! i was wondering what cost £140... 3 tops, 2 trousers and a coat is a good amount!!

oooh this time next week i will be absolutely uncontrolable with excitement!!
Hey im really confused!! when i try to enrol it doesnt let me!! it just pops up again and after about 5 tries it goes onto a webpage that says u are not authorised to view this!! Does anyone know what this is about!!
My enrolment is 3-4 then uniform fitting 4-5!!

don't follow the page address.... go onto this site

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