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Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast

Nursing at Queens...

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but it doesn't work... there is no registration wizard... read back - none of us could get on yesturday.... if you do get on let us know

it says it isn't open until monday 14th - so some of us decreed to plague them with calls on monday to see what the story is
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
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oooo getting soo close now.. ive my uniform appointment first then enrollment, which is strange least the two places are near each other.. though im sure ill get lost!
what do you thinks gonna happen like do you think we que up or what..

starting to get abit nervous nowww
i no!!! i am sooooo excited!! it is like everything is falling into place... my plan is working :five:

it is going to be amazing!!! imagine this is the rest of our lives... our future, new friends... am getting wile philosophical!! :lol:
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awk louise you can tell you're from co tyrone friend katie always says the word wile:p:

no long now at all can't wait...hoping it doesn't get all cliquey....i hate that kinda atmosphere

i think induction week should include compulsory karaoke or something....good way of breaking the ice lol. Nothing like making a prat of yourself early on cos it's bound to happen sooner or later lol:biggrin:
and if it doesn't we should organise one ourselves... or just a night out! :lol::party:

wile is a lethal word... u shuld hear some of the speak i come out with... i make myself laugh. Is anyone else curious as to meeting each other in real life - so to speak- after talking with each other through the whole process?? i am... :yup:
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:O i havent thought that, the people we meet on tuesday are probably the people we are going to be friends with the rest of our lives! we will all be working together in hospitals and places, going to each others weddings having babies together..
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we should think about going to that quiz thing together, could be the student room group!
what quiz thing? i am actually up for a night out cos louise is right think about ur parents, i know my mum is still friends wif her uni friends...
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theres like a welcome quiz on the 23rd doesnt say where though probably SU

anyone going to get there nurse name badge (omg how awesome does that sound) and hoody on tuesday?
yeah me... probably.. with our wee voucher!! :rolf:

i am so excited, my flatmate starts tomorrow.. and her dad brought up a big tv for our living room, and some lamps and uplighters and cushions and plates, and all the homey things we hadnt brought up yet... so i am working tomorrow 4-10.30pm... and am going to go up after... and stay until work again on wed! it will be amazing!!!

i wonder when we will get out book list??
Afternoon Pub Quiz (1400-1600hrs) Elms Village

I found this on the website... this is what kinda sucks about starting so early... we are in class during freshers... ach well
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awwwkk turning into a lovely little home now i woulda loved to move in with my friends but they have all left me for England and Scotland!

oo that is soo early, im sure there will be other things anyways. wonder why we do start so early its annoying!
i fink cos ours is like a real intense course... oda wise we would be dre for many more years... but this way we start and finish earlier and start working quicker??

yeah... dre are lots of fings... something will be sorted no doubt
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ooh yeah that makes sense, as long as we get off like everyone else i dont mind starting early really gets all the nerves out of the way!
no... i fink we only get like 7 weeks of a year... jason has a friend already in the course (---ask her jason, please---)

we shall no doubt find out in time!
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ooh the world is soo hard on nurses! looks like we will never get a break for the rest of our lives!
yeah.... or the way i am looking at it is that the time we do have of we will appreciate more... i am actually going to go away at summer... and will enjoy it more... or so i hope.

ach it will be worth it, like how many people have the opportunity we have - graduate virtually debt free
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Aye sadly nursing is a very intensive course with less holidays and lots of pee and blood and such but awk well lol

Will be rare meeting people in 'real life' definitely.....think the induction week will have plenty of opportunities to get to know people and chat lots of crap:smile:

Anybody getting up to anything nice to waste the last week of holidays?:p:
my last week of work :frown:

and probably go out... nothing to exciting? did you get talking to your friends who does nursing?
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haha that right we deffo will love our time off more, cant wait to start even still even with the blood pee poop and old man perverts!

i knoww ive made up what you all look like in my head, bet im soo wrong.
im wondering about how we will fit in like you know how you have the loud ones, shy ones geeky ones... though i like nurses might all be similar.

nearly everyone has left me already! so ill probably be relaxing and shopping for all new stuff, that i convince i need for uni

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