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Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast

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uniform first i know where the Student Union is cause it has the bar and coffee place in it but elmwood for registration ive no idea just what street its on. Probably will just follow people and ask them where it is.

all my family been telling everyone, its embrassing! my mum got really annoyed when someone said "its awful that you need all those grades to be JUST A NURSE".

46!! wow christmas most be an expensive time!
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
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oohh just hadda look that the wee map they give us, elmwood place is actually pretty easy to find. just round the corner :smile: hope theres signs up inside the place though.. there wass for the exam variation thing soo there might bee
we do a kindle, we put all the families in one hat, and then choose one, and thats who you buy for... like ann's buy for mary's, and mary's buy for áine's... get it?? and then all the families pool in for granny and granda... and gets them something big and useful, like a holiday or washing machine one year :smile:

i fink elmwood is like the street right beside the student union.... google map it?
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awwwk sounds like a very organised huge family :smile: lucky granny and granda!

yeahh it iss its in the street beside it just down a bit, see it on the map queens give us shouldnt get lost :smile:
gonna have to try to find parking though which will be terrible!
my advise... park in the holylands... and walk... serious lack of parking around there...
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yeahh i was gonna park in a street with houses near it and walk, lovely and free aswell :smile:
yes!! i am walking from fitzroy... will be only like 15 mins... pity we couldnt just go together... be so handy :frown: ach sure we will cross paths
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i thought elmwood was the building behind the su i thiiink
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heyyy im new to this, where is everyone parking? the elm wood teachin and learnin centre is jus facin the parlour !!
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i knoww would have been so easy if we were at the same time, though if its taking a long time youll probably still be there when im coming in.

yeah jason is behind kinda, look at the wee map queens give us in the first map, its like behind SU but you go down the street next to it to get to it.

im gonna park probably on the lisburn road up one of the side streets its only like 15 20 mins away too
probably... by the sounds it is going to take longer than expected because of the whole enrollement thing!
Helen - what branch are you doing?
Hi everyone, im new to the site, I'm due to start adult nursing Feb 2010cant believe it!!!:smile: I'm a married, working mum off two little boys who's always dreamed of getting ino Queens to do nursing and can't actually believe is happened sooo excited!:woo: I was on the reserve list and I rang daily from my holidays in spain but I kept getting told there was no decessions made yet and to call back so I stalked them daily, so on my last day I'd given up hope and decided to ring them one last time when the girl said there had been an offer sent to me to start Feb 2010 I nearly fell off my sun lounger!!

Well good luck to all starting Sept, hope you all enjoy put your heads down and work hard because we are v lucky to have be chosen some people didnt get that chance this tim but maybe next time!

Thanks X
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:biggrin: Aw Congratulations little pip hopefully see you about Queens early next year
Well done little pip on getting your place!
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yeah well done im sure it really made the holiday a lot better :smile:

ooooooo tomorrow guys! it starts!
Hey Guess what! have the worst news ever!! when i tried to enrol i realised the wee sticker at the bottom of my page is for another aoife quinn who is doing mental health nursing so basically they just gave me all her details!! n for some reason enrolment didnt work on my laptop until about 12am n now im screwed for tomorrow!! aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
Don't worry Aoife, I don't think any of us were able to register online. We don't need to do it for today. You should be fine if you turn up with your letter and ID I think!
All the best to everyone going in to enrol and have their uniform fitting - had this irrational fear that by the time I get there at 3 there will be no hoody's left! :eek3:
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thats why you go and get your hoodie at half 2..:p:
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just thought i'd add you can now complete enrolement on qsis...i just finsihed it all there so might save a little bit of time if you do it before heading down : )

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