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Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast

Nursing at Queens...

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hahaaa omg that was soooo strange that we were sitting beside eachother! couldnt believe it! we were talking for a good while too.
everyone iss sooo nice as well likee we all just talked none of the awkwardness i was expecting haha.

i completey forgot to get more money out to get my badge and hoody might get them on monday during our wee lunch break. a nursing pinn! ooo id be soo tempted to get that.. might be abit too much though hehe.

how was staying in your new home louise??
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
its gorg!! i love it, everything is like perfect :smile:

the pin was only like £2... and you should cos we are beside the shop. Took a walk tp find the PFC today, if you are going through the big doors, it is like the glass building on the left... it has the name in HUGE writing!! :lol:

it was lovely to see everyone... well meet you, and then all the other ones :smile:
I think if you join RCN you get a pin badge thing too so show you belong to them. Not sure about Unison though. 4 days to go! :woo:
this one was the queen's one...
i got my POCVA check...

so nothing is standing in my way for monday!! :smile:

i am in such a good mood that i am going to take my little cousins to build-a-bear on saturday... keep myself busy and distracted!!
Guys you should def join Unison, I am a steward for them and they are really good and have helped me with difficult managers in the NHS. The RCN are good for courses and Queens like you to be with them, it's like a prestige thing, but it won't go against you if you are with Unison. If you have real issues and need representation then Unison are the best trade union, the RCN are a professional organsiation and not affiliated with the TUC (Trade Union Congress).
Sorry to go on but it's just a bit of advice!
Sooooo excited about Monday, I can't wait!
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i still havent got that check thing back yett, is it the one you paid for online?? when i went to enroll i seen a big false beside my name cause i hadnt got it back yet.. it scaredd meee! she said it was cause it hadnt came back yet, probably because i only paid for it last week i thinkk.. hopee everything will be okay.. im not a criminal haha

when would you join the Unison or RCN? ive no idea about them just knew they existed so your advice wass helpful.
too old for this - thanks for the advice - would you say the best thing would be to join both Unison and RCN? Is it possible to be with both. Sounds good to me!
No you can't be with both unfortunately, well I don't think so anyway. We join next week when they will come to queens with stalls and that and you sign up then!
I can't really concentrate on much else coz all I'm thinking about is Monday! I've butterflies in my tummy, won't sleep a wink on Sunday night!
I am the same - 4 days!!!
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not long now at all:biggrin:

i have to order my badge on monday.....may as well get another hoodie as wells

was having a look around qol earlier a timetable is up for one of the modules...hmm nursing practice i think it was
i am so glad i am busy until monday - take my mind of it!!
Belfast girl, where did you get that info about our holidays? I thought we would have got more, but then I'm just being greedy!
Hi, hows did everyone get on with uniform fitting? I'm sure your all very excited is it mon you start? Can anyone tell me how long their police check took and what happens at the health check?

they just ask you about anything of concern... like do you wear glasses they give you a test, asthma they make you do the blow thing, and anything else... i got weighed and measured to check my bmi and stuff like that. nothing to worry about.

i fink my police check was 2 weeks... or so
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ooo 2 weeks goood was beginning to worry that they had found somthing..

going shopping tomorrow to get some stationary and clothes before i run out of time! still dont really know what to get really but i love buying stationary.. hope i dont get carried away :smile:

on monday it says class doesnt start till 10 what time is everyone getting there at?
i have lost my timetable, i am an absolute disater!! i just hope they give us the full timetable on monday =/

oh shopping!! i love shopping... i think i am just gona bring a couple of pens, a highlighter or two and a notebook. and then see what the plans are before going nuts! :lol:

i will probably get there about 10 to... probably earlier because I won't be able to settle down :mmm:
I'm collecting a friend of mine who is doing adult and we are traveling in together. Probably aim to be there for ten to as well! So so excited!
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hmmi'm probably goona be up for around quarter to/ ten to....after i've gone to starbucks perhaps:biggrin:

this is bad but it's going to take so much effort for me to be up before 10am again summer was very much a lazy one

glad i'm working this weekend to take my mind off monday....rather excited and nervous as well
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im gonna try to be there around quater to.. im always late! and ill prob have to walk down again cause theres no parking!
there realllly should be student parking made just for nurses haha since they give us hardly any holidays :smile:

went shopping today, really didnt know what to get just got pens highlighter and like a wee note book case we have to write stuff on moday. ill just get more things when i need them.

got my access ni check back! BRING ON MONDAY!
:smile: Thanks louise, was starting to worry I had a record even though I know I dont!!! The waiting makes you turn into a crazy person! Dont think I'l actually believe im in till im getting fitted for my uniform! :s-smilie:

I'l be 31 when I start feb hope im not the oldest, diff not the maturest!! Still feel like im 20 how sads that!:smile:

Good luck to eveyone starting mon and remember to enjoy!

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