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Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast

Nursing at Queens...

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Thats me off until thursday now:smile:

Hope you're all enjoying it as boring as this week is proving to be....i hate being told about learning styles etc. I can already see a fair few ppl in the year being cliquey...thankfully not everyone lol:smile:
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
I have enjoyed it, but haven't really got talking to anyone except my two friends from tech. Once we get into our tutorials it should be better and we will get to know each other easier. Is anyone in C2? I have forgotten my password and can't get into QOL to find out when my tutorials and practical classes are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I'm such a bimbo!
Hiya!! Thats me off until thursday 2!! cant wait until i get started properly!! just about tobuy my books off amazon! Far cheaper!! Anyone in D3?? Got my hep B today!! Not nice!! xx
Where did you find out what books we need aoife? I can't find that info!
I thought today was a bit boring but essential info iykwim. I'm in A3.
Umm at the qub bookshop stand today! im sure if u call in tomorrow they will give u a copy!! They are so expensive but was talking to a few ones and they said they are like bibles to them!!xx
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I'm in D4 soo i think i'm in some of the same things as you Aoife....tutorials i think.

I didn't head to the open day today...i felt that a bit of a lie in was needed:rolleyes: Book wise i have the adult hospital and home one and hmm royal marsden clinical skills.

Hep b is badthens:frown: .....I'm gonna have to try and be all macho and not show my pain:o:
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hope everyone is enjoying themselves!

im a wee bit lost with the computer stufff... i went on exactly as we were shown to see the timetables butt there was nothing when i opened the NFM thing.. ooh i dont understand :frown: anyone else have better luck??
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oooooo found it all by chance haha!
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lol you just need to go onto it all for like half a hour and click on everything and you'll get a good idea of what everything is for
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are thursdays and fridays not up yett??
so far im in to 3 everyday which isnt soo bad
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ooo and also where is the skills center that we have are practical classes???
everything is soo new!
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hmm the whole timetable should be able to be viewed now...hmmm on a thursday and friday it's nursing and society lecture and seminar on both days......thats from the timetable on the nursing student noticeboard

as far as i know the skills centre is on the bottom floor/basement level of the mbc should be a sign about sure lol
I cannot wait to start feb after reading about you all wish I was there now but im sure feb will fly in. And just think you will all have a term over you maybe on a ward! healthcenter! god knows where!! very exciting :yep: , i just cant wait to start learning again!! How many of you have just left school?
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can anyone give me a copy of the book list pleasee.. i forgot to get it the other day or is it online anywhere??

ive just left school, not a huge change soo far :smile:
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I am soo jealous of you all. You have to keep coming back to this thread to update all us late starters on everything from coursework to placement!
So were you all just in a big lecture hall to start with? How many were there?
What's the timetable like? Is it really nine to five everyday?
Have you have classes yet with just your indivdual branches?
If I just showed up randomly in lecture and just pretended I was supposed to be there would anyone notice?
Ok forget that last question i'll just have to wait for my time to cmoe :smile:
Good luck everyone in your first few weeks I'm sure by this time next month you'll all be old pros and will have made loads of new friends!
Hey shonaanne, we started off in one big lecture hall - they said there were 280/290 of us. They spent 30 mins breaking us up into our tutorial groups and then we had an introdcution/welcome talk. Covered the layout of the course and what we'll be studying. We then had a break and had talk on infection control. That was Monday. Then over Tues/Wed/Thurs, we went with our tuttorial group to Occy Health for Hep B and to meet our personal tutor. We also had study skills lecture and IT lecture everyone together on Tues (boring but necessary). Tomorrow we're in non stop 9-2 with talk about placement ad numeracy test. Hope that helps - I know how you feel - I like knowing how things work. Next week we start for real and it's not full time maybe 20/25 hours.
Meant to say we find out where are placements are on Monday! :biggrin: :biggrin:
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Oh yay i am kinda excited about finding out where we're heading:woo:

I didn't get the booklist thing either which is kind of annoying but sure

Got my hep b today......i could be macho and say it didn't hurt at all...but i'm gonna admit it stung a fair bit:frown:
I found the injection bit ok but sore muscle afterwards and even today. I think Queen's bookshop have a list but one of our lecturers today told us not to get them as Children's will be different.
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youu actually got told stuff today in childrens.. we got nothing just told what are personal tutors are then we could go, wait where we not all in the same room.. oh im confused

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