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Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast

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I left my tutorial rather confused....the woman who took us went round in circles and went off on so many different tangents:confused:confused:

tommoro is going to be a lonnnng day....and shona you so could sneak into one of the lectures there are so many peopleee lol
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
just finished my email to the personal teacher!! i basically told her my life story!! is anyone dreading tomorrow?? i have to get up at half 6!! grrr!! im using my mums nintendo brain trainer to try and revise for this numeracy test but so far it keeps telling me i had a head like an 80 year old! cant b good!! Jason i seen u today!! i was on this last night n saw the photo that u posted!! n then when u were walking out of the mbc i clicked on it was u! but didnt want t embarress myself by running over !! haha!
got my internet sorted
Hi everyone how are u after your 1st week of student nursing!! Wanted to cry when I was reading you had to do a numeracy test because im hopeless at maths what was it like?
Hey little pip - the numeracy test was fine - at the end of the day they only want to help if you find it hard so it's not a bad thing. It was 20 mins max.
I found the first week great but am really looking forward to properly starting on Monday.
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I felt wick doing that numeracy test lol.....the maths is sooo easy but it took me a while i haven't done any maths whatsoever in a few years.

Looking forward to starting next week.....moving into elms tommoro:smile: ....have printed stuff we need today theres loadssss module book for nursing prac was like 53 pages:mad:
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Lovee loveee loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the pretend hospital ward!
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lol same first the mannequins freaked me out......but after we named them all it was better: )
Loved it too! Who knew such a wonderful thing existed!
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everyone like their placement??
im soo happy with mine :biggrin:
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verrry happy i cannot wait : )
I'm happy too. Relief that I'm not travelling to Erne for 6 weeks and just excited to get out there and start learning!
Hi everyone glad you are all loving it im soooo jealous wish I was there now!! Cant believe there is a pretend ward how mad is that!! Did you get your placements already and when do they start? I cant wait to start feels like a long wait till feb but im sure it will be worth the wait,
im boring my family and friends to death!:smile:

Great reading about how you all are getting on and what ive to look forward too!
I am also boring friends and family to death and it's only been 2 weeks! We got placement details yesterday and start them on 2nd Nov for 6 weeks!
where did you get ?
Musgrave - ortho
Orthopaedics thats sounds really good what an excellent first placement and I knw for a fact that in musgrave there is a least one really hot physiotherapist there!!:yep:
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im off to the Royal Belvoir ward only 10 mins away from me soo im happy
but i dunno whats on that ward???
Hey Louise - Belvoir is infectious diseases so you'll be a pro with the gloves/infection control stuff by the end of your placement! It'll be really interesting!
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haha oh great.. just love trying to get those antisepic gloves on! im gonna have raw hands with all that washing. Probz goona be dealing the swine flu aswell.. still exicted though :smile:

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