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Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast

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im so excitied for you guys who have alredy started!!! im literally counting the weeks til Feb!!!!
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
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Me too Sophie! I've made myself a nursing countdown calender and everything- yes I'm a loser
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what you up to between now and feb then!? you working, traveling or jsut making the most of having free time?! whats everyone else doing who starts in Feb!?
I'm counting the weeks till Feb too, everyone must be very busy with being a student nurse an all that no-one has written in a while lucky them! :smile: I still cant get my head around the fact I've actually got in because you hear nothing till xmas time about when to register, health check uniform fitting and it doesnt seem real yet!!

Still havent had my police check through yet too also!!
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I'm just working at a learning disbility charity so at least it's something relevant. one of my jobs is actually checking police checks and Access NI have a massive backlog at the minute so if you're waiting on a certificate it could take up to four weeks.
I cannot wait to start, I really enjoy my job but I just wanna get started, I was in Waterstones the other day and was looking at all the nurzing books getting really excited.
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Not long for you guys to wait now:smile: ....feburary will fly along in no time.

Its hard to believe I'm acutally at week 4 of the course now:s-smilie: the past few weeks have passed by soooo quickly....enjoy your break before the informarion overload occurs lol
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Reading all your posts has me excited and I haven't even applied yet! Has anyone any idea when the aplications open up again for starting September 2010?
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they should open up around late novermber/ early december if i remember correctly....just keeping checking the nursing website : )
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Hi - I'm new to this board... :smile:

I will be applying for the Sept 2010 intake too. Adverts go online and in Belfast Tele on the second Tues in November - the 10th I think.
Well hows everyone getting on? Whats the work load like and are you enjoying it!! Im sure placements are coming up soon and its all exciting stuff, I cant believe were now into October not long now till I start, counting the days but also making the most of my free time while I can, cant wait im like a big kid waiting for santa:smile:
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110 days to go until we start! What branch is everyone doing in Feb? I'm Learning Disability.
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110...that doesnt actually sound too bad!!! the time is going pretty quickly so hopefully it continues this way!!! im doing Learning Disability aswell!!
I'm doing adult nursing in Feb, can anyone that started adult nursing in Sept tells us what its like? Dying to know:smile:
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You have a pre-semester week with things ranging from a lecture of the role of a well we hepatitis b injections and meetings with personal tutors etc

Then 6 weeks of university doing a module called Nursing Practice which is clinical skills such as bed bathing, tpr, bp, but the lectures also go into detail about the nursing code and things such as empathy, intro to care planning, breakaway techniques, ethics and law etc

The other main module for the first phase is Nursing and Society which focuses on psychology, sociology etc and health promotion and their connections

First placement is 6 weeks.......then uni again for six weeks doing biomedical sciences and also nursing practice continued followed by 8 weeks of placement ( 4 within own branch and 4 in another branch)

Then phase 3 is made up of nursing and society and biomedical science followed by another 6 weeks of placement

In phases one and two you have 2 practicals a week

You're not necessarily in 9-5 everyday you may be in 9-3 with a 2 hour lunch break etc

This is my means of distracting myself from an essay and a pressentation:wink:
OMG! I'm exhaused reading all this!! but very excited thankyou so much for the inside info its great to have connections!:smile: Where is your 6 week placement are you looking forward to it?
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my placement is in surgical orthopaedics so really looking forward to it yea..........despite kinda being terrified lol
You'll be great!!! How are you with blood? Im not too bad with eveything except phlem thats my.... ohhh even thinking about it makes me gag!! I work in a gp practice so I would see alot of it on a daily basis, its scarred me for life!:smile:
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Awk I'm grand with blood wouldn't bother me at'd be moreso things like pus that would make me gag
Its all part of being a nurse, suppose you get used to it or learn how to deal with it!! good luck with your placement let me know how you get on!
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lol same first the mannequins freaked me out......but after we named them all it was better: )

Ha ha Louise Brown get used to her you'll see her many bits and get to stick all kinds of tubes into them! Lol I'm on this for nostalgias sake I graduated in December 2008 -still would sadly like to think of myself as a student though! :frown:

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