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Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast

Nursing at Queens...

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Awk I'm grand with blood wouldn't bother me at'd be moreso things like pus that would make me gag

Sputums worse -far worse!
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
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I got a letter from Queens the other day saying please email us to let us know you will be accepting your place so of course I emailled back and said no...only joking I said yes! I still haven't heard anything back though, did anyone else get this letter?
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yea i got it, and replied with a big yes!! they said we wont hear anyting new until the new year!!!
I'm due to start in Feb and didnt get any email now im starting to freak out!!!!! Worried now they didnt get my acceptance letter because ive heard nothing! Cant even call hem because its saturday:s-smilie:
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youl probs get it soon, it was just a lettter checking your still going to attend the course! you need to have confirmed by the 20th so there's plenty of time still!!
Thanks , I rang today and they were able to confirm my place they didnt have an email address for me don't know why because im certain I put in on the form but as long as im in panic over!!! Mad still dont believe im actually in, not real yet! i havent even gave my notice to m present job until I get the exact details in the new year just incase its been a mistake and I'm left ith no job!! Roll on feb.
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queens nursing applications just released for September 2010 :-) YAYYYYYY!

Now the panic sets in!

Good luck with all your applications folks! :smile:
Im hoping to get a place on Adult Nursing at Queen's for sept at the ripe old age of 27 (Still look 19 tho apparently lol!) Worked in Pharmacy for 4 years and finally taking the leap. Anyone know roughly when the interviews will be?!

Interviews last year were in March sometime and then the acceptance letters came out in May time :smile: Hope that helps. xxx
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anyone else having trouble fitting their 300 words in writing on the personal statement page??? I am! and thats after struggling to cut it down to 300 words to begin with :-( cant cut it anymore!
What branch are you applying for?
I love placement... haven't been on in a while because I am flat out!! :lol:

I am in St. Luke's Amragh... I am doing Mental Health - and I love every minute!!!

The first term was amazing, it was so intense... so busy! :lol: but it was so cool... a lot of it was common sense... but it is weird to be using it now in on placement...

Anyone waiting for Feb, or even next Sept - it is sooooooo worth the wait!! You will love every minute! There will be days where you are like, screw this... but just work through, and now you are loving it!!

Hey fellow nurses :biggrin:

They rang me last week and i finally got into the feb intake to do adult nursing!! I am soo happy!! Yay!! :woo:

So is everyone excited? How are you all finding your course at the minute, and placements ohh youse must be loving it all :biggrin:

Anyone starting in feb doing adult nursing? Also when do we find out all the stuff like uniform fittings etc?!

Also anyone doing the course at the minute, what r the hours like in a week? Im wondering if i could still keep my part time job going!

Hi danielle, im also starting adult nursing in feb cant wait feels like ive been waiting for ages but im making the most of taking it easy while i can! We are to hear more about uniforms and when we start at the beginning off the new yr.
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The hours aren't too bad when you're in uni.....generally 9-3 or like 11-5 with breaks in between. On placement you could keep your p/t job if your employer is very understanding that you may need to change hours at short notice. You could be fine like myself, for first placement i have been fine with my p/t job and working the hospital hours, as both aren't rigid in the hours that i do.

Hard to tell just really play it be ear as you go along
Placement ended today :frown: .... i am soooooooooooooooooooo sad!!! I absolutely loved it!! :yep:
not to say it wasn't hard :o: because IT WAS!! but I still loved it!
learn't so much, loved all the patients and the staff... hoping I can go back to the same hospital, and see everyone again!!
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Hiya everyone =]
I am glad you are all loving nursing. I am just filling out my application form again!! Ohh I can't wait to get rid of it lmao. Not as nervous this time because I have applied to for nursing at coleraine as well. Hope your all keeping well :biggrin:
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I just have my personal statement from last year so mine is okays =] I know its hard though just need to pick the really important stuff!! Its not the statement I am worried about now anyway... its the deadly interview!
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First placement you learn so much more on the wards than you do in university.....totaly shattered now.....looking forward to the xmas holidays to relax.....
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With your personal statement keep it as simple as possible, straight to the point and not discussive............i know its hard to not waffle but remember they will be reading hundreds of thses personal statements....and there are only about 270 places for sept imaginative.
I can't wait to start in feb, getting really excited!! I had a call from occupational health the other day they needed to confirm a few things like "do you have full hearing in both ears" me in my crazy excitment of filling my form in ticked the no box!!! I also didnt sign the back or send a photo with the form, What was I on that day!:o: Anyway all sorted and ready to start!

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