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Hi everyone

I'm new on here and I've loved reading all the posts so far.

I'm currently in the process of applying for children's nusing for September, 2010. Any tips on personal statements would be appreciated. I've just got my previous personal tutor's agreement to write a reference for me, so now I've got to ask my current boss tomorrow.

This may sound like a bit of a dumb question, but it will help me with my second preference. What exactly is involved in learning disability branch. Does that cover things like autism and ADHD etc? Cos I'm thinking then I could still work with children if that is the case. I do need to think carefully about my second choice as I know children's branch needs the most points in interview, and I'm not great at interviews!

Would love to hear some stories about placements too: how did they go; you must all have just finished now? Where was everyone placed, what were your hours like, and did you enjoy them? Any interesting tales to tell?
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
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I am just finished my application form as I have been so busy trying to get my ucas sorted out and then i have been working loads and revising lots and the problem is that the application form has to be in on friday? Last year, did anyone just go down to the medical biology centre or will I have to stick 50 first class stamps on it and hope for the best? Ahh i am so screwed :frown: x
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I just handed my application form in today, although my references aren't in yet, but they can follow later.
xPrettyBabyx - I would definitely advise you to hand yours in as I wouldn't trust the post to get it there for Friday, and that would be a major waste of your time! Which branch have you applied for?
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Hey PrettyBaby hope you dropped it in by hand even for your own peace of mind that it made it to Queens on time:smile:

Headed back to uni there on Tuesday and plenty of work to do already:s-smilie:

Hey kat, nursing is an amazing course I have loved it so far and would never even consider dropping out. It is a very intensive course, theres a lot of time needed but its generally very interesting

With placement its fulltime hours and people have experienced differing levels of flexibility on the wards; at one end of the spectrum people were essentially allowed to draw up their own rota, at the other people were stricly following their mentors shift patterns. The shifts can be long days, normal days or nights and people seems to have experienced a wide variety of these on their first placement, its really depends on the area in which you are placed.

In regards to placements for childrens nursing, they can be anywhere in Northern Ireland, swaps can be made but theres rules around that.

Most of the learning you will experience for the course is really done on the wards, in uni they can teach you practical skills and deliver workshops on empathy and compassion but on the wards you really connect it all together and develop your practice as a student nurse. And when you become a student nurse what you essentially learn is that you won't learn what it is to be a nurse until you're a fully qualified staff nurse.

I could ramble on for ages if you have any questions gimme a shout and i'll help.....haven't a clue about learning disability btw...have a lecture on 'demystifying learning disability nursing' in a few weeks
Hi everyone, i cannot believe im on count down to starting nursing in feb, can't wait!!!! I'm freaking out abit too, big life changing experience im about to start. I leave my comfortable 3 day a week job in 2 weeks, will have to travel an hour an a half maybe two every day to get to Belfast, wont be spending much "quality" time with my husband and children:frown: but hey apparently 3 yrs fly in and in the end im doing something ive always wanted to do and hopfully im good at it and love it!!! As you can tell from my rambling im seriously stressed, anxious but really excited!:woo:
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hey!! o my goodness i cnt believe its soooo close!! im well nervous about it but so excited at the same time!! doin adult nursing feb 2010... anyone else??
i havent heard any word from them yet! hope they havent forgotton about me!! lol
i dnt know anyone else from the course! any of you in the same boat?! lol

Hi Ash! im also doing adult nursing in feb 2010 cant wait too, it has flew in, have you heard anymore info from them i rang last week to see when we get a date for uniform fittings and injecions but she said its usally the week before we start that you will hear from them which is just as well as my lovely husband is whisking me away to fuerteventura for a week at the end of Jan for my birthday!
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im starting in feb too! i cant wait but im nevous as well!
I think we all are! but its going to be great! What will you be doing when you start Frogz?
little pip u sound very excited!! yay! Hope its not the week before we start! Im going to london to see my bf from the 4th of feb until the 9th, should be okay i guess. I am actually so excited i cant stop talking about nursing, i think all my friends n family n getting a bit tired of me. Of course when we start the excitment will wear off n it will be really hard work but we will still love itttt!!!!

Can anyone explain to me about the bursury??
Am i wrong in thinking that u get it a few weeks after u start, n u get £500 a month ish???
Let me know if anyone can be bothered to explain it :smile:

Not long now fellow nurses :biggrin:
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Eek I´m so excited! I´m on holiday in Lanzarote now buit I thought I would pop in and see if had recieved any letters or anything but I guess now!

About the bursary- my housemate said you get it around the second week of March which is a bit crazy but you get 900 which is for Feb and the two weeks in March!
I cannot wait to go stationary shopping soon!

Anyone else here doing LD nursing?
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Hi Kat33, sorry it took so long for me to reply, haven't been on this much. I got one of my friends to hand it in as work has been crazy atm but phew it is in anyways and we will see how we go. I have applied for children's nursing as first preference and then adult for second but I really don't care which one I get as long as I get in. What about you?

Jason, by reading what you've written makes me want to go even more now lol! It sounds amazing.

I am just dreading this flipping interview again, I know because I have done it before I might be a little more confident but I doubt it. As so as I get in there I will be as useless as a plate of jelly lmao!

Speak soon x

Im in in in to Disability nursing! Im sooo excited!

See yas in feburary :smile::smile::smile:
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Aww you guys seem so excited it'll wear off lol

Got my next two placements care of the elderly in belfast area.....and an 'enhancement' placement in Derry which is l.disability.....sooo annoyed about the location and it's not going to allow me to develop any clinical skills so rather annoyed
Hi everyone! good to hear from you again Jason been dying to know what you've been up too and where your placements are. I'm at the oposite end of where i wana be placed, I'd be delighted if i get causeway area, antrim or derry its closer to "home" im really a belfast girl but now live between Portrush and Portstewart as my husbands work is in derry, so it would be great , but you cant pick and choose you gota go where they send you!

Shonaanne whats the weather like in lanzarote? I'm off to fuerteventura on the 23rd jan for a wee break before i get stuck into alota hard work and hours!!:smile:
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hey little pip. i have just been readin all ur posts. think i am in the same boat as u. i start adult nursing in feb and i really cant wait. i have been counting down the days and cant believe it is only a few weeks away now. wish it would hurry up. i am 30 with 2 kids and i leave my job at the end of the month. its all such a big change but im really looking forward to it!!!!!!!! been readin jasons posts too and i am totally busting to get started.
Hi Suziewong, oh thank god theres someone my age with two children!! Well im 31 next week! I know what you mean its a big change but the way im looking at it is, ive always wanted to do it and if i dont do it, or at least give it a go when at last ive been accepted il always regret it.:smile:
Cant wait!! Look foward to seeing you all in Feb!:smile: Im like a kid at xmas!! how sad!! But i dnt care:smile:
ShonaAnne... Im also doing Disability Nursing! :smile: Oh im Edel! ^^. Good to know another person on the course!
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i keep checking the post everyday for a letter or something from queens to let me know wats happening. i havent heard anything from them since the summer. hope they havent forgotten about me.
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Would love to hear about what goes on in the interview! How many people interview you, what sort of questions do they ask, and how long does it last? Also, whats the maths test thing like?

I'd love to get into children's but i know it's the most competitive. I've already got a degree in child and adolescent studies and work with young children, so it makes sense to carry on caring for children. But I know I'll be soooo nervous for interview, assuming I get an interview!!

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