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Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast

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Hi everyone, just got back from a week in fuerteventura, was great to relax before starting not much sun but nice and warm! ShonaAnne i think if you ring registry office they will know the address for sure i looked but must of threw my address out! I also have my fitting 10-11 cant believe its actually here!!!:smile:
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
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Awww your all so luckyyy! Wish I was going with you's for all your injections and your fittings :frown:

Ryanthelion- He is called Jonathon and he would be in fourth year now, quite tall with fair hair? I thinks he is in the choir?
It will be your turn soon just keep positive! I was wishing it was me when everyone started in Sept but Feb soon flew in and so will sept 2010!
o right cool :biggrin: my wee bro iis in 4th year hes liek is it jonny wright ?? . so i dunno lmao :biggrin: i cant believe its next week i get my uniform sorted soo excited lol :biggrin: whoop:biggrin: anyone else in the same time slot as me ? 12 till 1pm :smile:
Nope sorry Ryan, mine is 1-2! lol

Sorry for bugging yall again, but have any of you that is moving into halls heard anything yet? lol I get very anxious about these things!!
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mines 1-2 i think i havent heard anyting about halls yet either....wish they'd tell us something already lol :smile:
I was wondering if anyone could help me. I started a degree in English in september 09 and recently quit after feeling it wasn't for me and want to go into a more practical field. After a lot of research and thinking i am keen to do a degree in nursing possibly child nursing in september 2010. I've noticed that to apply for nursing at Queens you must apply direct to them rather than ucas. I have missed the deadline in january too and was wondering if there was any chance of filling out the form anyway and sending it-see if it is considered. Or would there be any chance of gaining a place through a clearing system? I am aware there will be stiff competition though. Would be grateful if anyone could help/or been through same problem and could advise me? Many thanks
Hi, Im not too sure , all i know is that i went to apply for sept 2008 and missed the deadline and they wouldnt except me but i was in employment not in uni doing another course. Give them a ring at the registry office they will be beter to advise you, all you can do is try, good luck!
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has anyone completed the self service registration part of the enrolment online? ive tried doing it but havent a clue where to go once im logged in. someone help me!!!!:confused: :confused: :confused: :eek3: :eek3: :eek3:
Hi Suziewong

Once your on you have to click on self service on the left hand side, then click on Student centre to register! lol Hope that helps, but im confused on academics! and picking classes

HELP! lol
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Hey LittleMissChatter,
You're too late for Sept 2010 sadly, they are very strict about the deadline, and interviews will be beginning in about a month; so already shortlisting for interviews and offers will have begun. If you sent in a form it wouldn't be considered.

Because Queens doesn't operate through ucas for nursing theres no means of gaining a place through clearing as nursing never enters clearing, theres a waiting list for places for each intake of people who are suitably qualified for entry so thats why they don't.

If you want specifically to go to Queens your only option would be to apply for Sept 2011/Feb 2012, childrens only have about 30 places for nursing so its very very competitive.

I would recommend if you want to study nursing next year to apply to one of the scottish universities, you could even do an adult nursing course and do a postgraduate diploma in childrens nursing once you qualify.

I was in the same position you are but I was lucky enough to get in before the deadline last year. Good luck with whatever you do and if you have any q's ask away.
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for the qsis thing............all you have to do is make sure the likes of your address and stuff like that is right....during enrolement there will be people to make sure it's all right anyways
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as for halls phone them.....well known for being verrrry slow at things.....
Jason you are a lifesaver! lol If you wernt her i think ide die lol

So at the enrolment thing did you get onto step 10 for the finances because it isnt letting me get onto it lol. And so do nothing for the academics then? Ditto lol thanks
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yea you don't need to go any further there will be people at enrolement who will sort all the rest out when you're in getting your student card etc

in case i totally forget as well in regards to being given a reading a general reading list do NOT buy every book you will barely use any of books you need are royal marsden and holes anatomy text book thats it
Ah cool cool! Jason thank you so much!

Hey ill maybe see you round elms then! lol xD
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Does anyone know when we actually pay for our uniform? Do we pay when we go to our fitting?
I'm gonna be so broke this month after I pay for everything plus it didn't help I went a little crazy in WH Smith shopping for stationary, but it was so worth it!
Yeah it said in the letter they sent that you have to pay £140 at the fitting.

Jason sorry to melt you with loads of quesions, but a while back you said there was a maths test to see while level your at can you remember when it was, how long it was and what was on it, like was it basic maths, decimals, fractions etc.. its just maths aint my best subject and i left school 12yrs ago!! was goin to try and brush up abit but i dont want to waste time revising things that are'nt going to be on it!! If you or anyone could help me that would be great.

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hey little pip. i got a book off amazon called nursing calculations. it starts with the really basic stuff and moves on to decimals and fractions and then eventually dosages. i have just been lookin over it in prep for the test. its amazing how much u forget being out of school so long
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thanks absentness i got sorted with the enrollment. i really hadnt a clue wat i was doin. hope ive done it right!

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