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Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
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Thanks suizewong i bought that today how mads that!! Too hungover to even attempt i now was my work leaving do last night cant remember much after the meal!! maybe tomorrow i just hope the test isnt tues it means ive 1 day to try and ram the basics in, im soo bad at maths ive a d in maths gcse!
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
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So another enrollment question, when I get to the academics section do I do anything? It all seems kinda confusing and I don't wanna mess it up!
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i dont think u do the academics bit. i only filled in the personal info part, name address, emergency contact etc. just left it there.
little pip i think the maths test is a few weeks away. dont worry u will be fine, that book is really helpful. wat time r u enrolling at on tues?
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got my halls offer :smile: anyone else get theirs???
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For the maths 'test' which is done in the first week I think do not be worried whatsoever! It's a small diagnostic maths test from a P6 maths practice book, it tests things like adding, subtracting, dividing, decimals, percentages.

The mark does not count towards anything, its basically a means of assessing the needs of the group, and will identify those that, perhaps need some remedial help with maths skills. These people will be invited to go as a group to a a few maths sessions run by the learning development centre at QUB, and they help you through everything step by step to bring you up to scratch.

It's basically in preparation for the nursing calculation exams which are done at the end of every year; these are medicine calculations ie. how many pills/ how much fluid to draw up for injections, but you don't need to worry about those.

And for the uniforms yea you pay when you get measured up for your uniform, do bring cash as you won't be able to pay by card.
I got mine too!

Im staying in Rowan Gardens! lol A friend of mine is staying in there already!

Hope its nice!
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oh staying in holly grove :smile:

it seems real now....i cant wait :eek3:
Hey guys!.. :smile: Anyone doin adult nursing? I am soo nervous 4 startin lol!! .. Cant wait though! hehe!
No doubt Frogz ill bump into you! Can i ask your first name lol! I shall see you 2moro!!!

Well we shall be grand ide say... im soo nervous now! lol
Hey absentness u excited for starting? which branch u in?
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yea of course hannah! in not nervous yet....ill be really nervous come sunday tho! lol
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Just back from my enrollment and fitting. It was good kinda annoyed that the printer broke and we didn't get our student cards I wanted to have a wee nosy around the library on my way home. Everyone seemed really nice everyone was kinda in the same boat and didn't know many other people there. I just want to start now! It's so frustrating waiting another week!

Oh quick question, I know the booklist they give us is really long so which books have you guys found the most useful? I was thinking of having a quick look on Amazon see if there are any bargains before everyone else starts
Hi just back from my fitting and registration, kind of got it the wrong way round, well its wasnt really my fault! I arrived at the student union building and asked the girl at reception were registration was could she she me directions and she told me 2nd floor which is were i went bt that was uniform fitting so anyway got fitted went to pay and i wasnt on the list so i started to freak bt got it sorted had to rush over to the reg spot and explain why i was late but they were cool, so that was my drama bt was out before 10.30 which was great! I totally forgot to get the list of books we need, can anyone tell me where to get it?

Thanks jason for the maths info, im hopeless at decimals and percentages mths in general so i have a bit of revising to do before next week! Oh its so exciting!:smile:
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Hmmm calculations book and royal marsden....and holes anatomy... nothing else is needed in first year. The rest are not that good and are available in the libraries.

Back out on placement next week :biggrin:
hey just got back from belfast before from registering and gettin fitted for my uniform :smile: howd yous get on ? it was a bit confusing but got through it ok anyhow :biggrin: i wore a greyish cardigan and light jeans if you saw me :biggrin: anyways speak soon then i guess!:smile:
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whoop just got back :smile: how big of fitting are them coats?? lol omg i never got no reading list....
I thought today went good lol.. nerve rackin but good.. im liking the uniform act.. Hannah im with u on the coats.. u cud barely bend over to zip it up in them lol.. i went into the book shop the price of books omg.. i got the marsden and then u need a good anatomy and physiology book and the holes essential.. everyone excited 4 monday?
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hey jemma. i am so excited for monday. seems so far away, wish it would just hurry up!!!! lol it all felt so real yesterday at the uniform fitting. woo hoo. u think the ladies coats were bad, i had to get a mans coat cause it has longer arms!!!! it was totally massive. thought the trousers were horrible too. the waist goes right up to my arm pits nearly. i got the royal marsden book off amazon and i have borrowed my sisters anatomy textbook so i wasnt going to buy anything else. are u doing adults nursing?
oh staying in holly grove :smile:

it seems real now....i cant wait :eek3:

Question was wondering, does it say residential year 15th of feb? I cant move into halls until monday after 2! Anyone else the same!:s-smilie:

Also.... Does anyone have a book list for learning disability nursing??

OMG! Tuesday was sooo exciting, i was a little scared about how soon it has came! But i really cant wait to get started... Also what do we bring on the 1st day?

Thanks sorry for the questions... :smile:
Hey absentness u excited for starting? which branch u in?

Ah im starting in Learning Disability!

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