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Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast

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Hey suzie!.. Did u?.. omg lol.. Ano.. it has flew in until now.. now its dragging in!.. lol.. I dont mind the trousers actually.. holds the belly in haha!!.. Yeah im doin adult nursing.. what branch u in?..
absentness.. cool!.. my friend got accepted there on wednesday to do learning disability shes so excited lol!.. Not long now peepz!
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
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2 days and counting!!!!!!:woo: :woo: i wont be able to sleep on sunday night. cant wait to get my timetable and see wat classes we have. also cant wait to get details about my first placement.
jemma im doing adult nursing too.:yes:
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First year is known as the cfp year which means you study with everyone so adult and ld branches doing the same work to create a level playing field.

You don't need any branch specific text books until second year which is when you commence your branch programme.

You guys are rather lucky you do phase one, then get a week off before placement damn you lol
Ahh cant believe its tomorro.. Ahh soo nervous!.. See all u guys there!! :smile: xoxo
I know i cant believe we've waited sooo long and now its here!!!!!!!!! Starting to freak myself but cant wait:smile: Went to town today got a new bag, pens,etc... so im ready to go! Im from belfast but now live in portrush with my family and tonight i was going to stay at my mums but its valentines day im not going to see my husband much from now on so im getting the train in the morning! which im anxious about but its cheaper than driving and hopfully less stressful than trying to get a parking space.

Well goodluck to everyone starting tomorrow and enjoy i know i will:smile:
Its tomorrow guys!!! I am so excited!! Cant wait to meet youse all, i am sure that you are alll lovely!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
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Hi everyone! Can anyone tell me if we have to be there by 9am or 10am? Also, is there anything in particular we have to bring or wear tomoro???
Hey everyone,

I applied for childrens and adults nursing starting september 2010!! Has anyone heard anything yet? im starting to panic!!! lol
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hey wat tutorial group is everyone in? i cant find the timetable on the website. help!
First day over.. Theres alot of us haha!.. Im in D1 :smile: xo
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im in c4. going for my injection tomo. arragh
Im in A2! 2day was so exciting! Great to get it over with! :smile:
Also is anyone's student's user id working yet??
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chillinwitmynomie ..... i've applied for adult nursing and still haven't heard a thing!
Im in C4 too :smile: how did u find out ur getting ur injection?? were we told?!
Hi everyone how we all getting on? Another day over early which was great ,i drove my car today as i got the train from coleraine yesterday, and as we finished after 2 id missed an early train and had to wait 2hrs for the next one! I think il drive the rest of the week till we get our set times hate hanging around waiting!
Its great we know exactly when we get the maths test i was freaking about that. Im in A4, not looking forward to getting jabbed the mara hopefully quick and painless:smile:

It tells you what time and where you get your injection on the sheet we were given at the welcome intro , it also tells you the date and time you meet your personal tutorial teacher.
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hey danielle. we had our injections his morning. did u make it? sorry for not getting back to u before now. oops. i will see u tomo at 2 cause we r in the same tutorial grp. woo hoo! i will keep an eye out for u. know wat u look like from ur profile pic. havent seen u about so far but its been crazy!
Can anyone HELP me!! Ive been trying for an hour to get in to the student noice board with my password, what is it you put in front of your password ads\ or ads/ and is your password to be capital or lower case! MY heads melted!:smile:
anyone else in b3 for tutorial? i literally know noone in my group :s-smilie: gahh suppose everyone will see each other in our groups tomorrow in our tutorial. :smile: hope it goes well lol
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the student notice board is a diff password than queens online. student noticeboard is: nursing. password nuraccess1. queens online is ads\student number. password in uppercase.

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