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Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast

Nursing at Queens...

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Yeah thats what I think too. They heard on a Saturday last year so it would be nice to hear this Saturday!!!!!!!
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
Reply 1081
nope nothing today either... yeh a sat wud b nice.. wee celebration tht nite :L
Reply 1082
Lets hope its a celebration for everyone!!!!!
this waiting is actually torture! I feel a little sorry for my postman, you can tell he hates calling here every day..he would probably prefer an alsation trying to chomp his hand off than me waiting at the front door ready to pounce!!!..ggrrrrr how much longer?? lol good luck guys! xxx
Reply 1084
It is driving me mad too lol I hope it is this week or next. Good luck ppl!!!!
Reply 1085
i was jus lookin bk over th pages.. and they got there letters on th 2nd of may! so not fair lol :L
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I know it was a saturday too!!!! It must be because the amount of applications was much higher this year. I think we will hear rather soon tho\:smile:
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any guys here apply for adult??
any guys here apply for adult??

I applied for adult nursing, my interview was on 18th march...seems like a lifetime ago now!! hope it doesn't take much longer xx
I applied for mental health (1st choice) and adult.

Has anyone phoned queens to ask when they will be out, i'm to scared to phone, but might pluck up the courage.
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Mental health was my first choice as well. I dont want to ring because I got the email and they might say something!!
Reply 1091
Adult first choice...Mental Health second.......I know what you mean...they could very well say that all info was sent out in e mail......of course you could say that you didnt receive the e mail......???? what to do...what to do....
Reply 1092
I know but do you think they would check to see if it was sent???? I suppose in a mailmerge there is 100 reasons you may not have received it even if it was sent ie. spam etc
Reply 1093
Nothing today again for me !!!! Postman has been and gone!
Reply 1094
Dont know...would they even ask for your name...?? Well we know now that its not today...more waiting...and lets face it...goin by e mail we could have ANOTHER month of it....:frown:
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Ok ppl I rang Queens and they are aiming to have the letters out on the first week of June. However she said this was the aim and it could be the second week. More time to wait..................Grrrrrrrrr
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Thanks.....thats better than end of June......:smile:
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was really hoping d come here and c that ppl got letters lol but start of junes not to bad..

my first choice was mental health.. i kinda 4get my 2nd lol think it was disability :s-smilie:
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This time next week we will be nervous wrecks...:eek3:
Reply 1099
This time next week we will be nervous wrecks...:eek3:

I know lets hope they send them next week and not the second week!! I can't wait any longer:woo:

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