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Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast

Nursing at Queens...

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Politics with a minor in Crimology (Bsc).......sounds isn't at all

i have 3 exams this semester......all done by the 22nd then i am off for summer:biggrin:
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
Reply 101
is this ur final year then?

im doing BA Care and education: Early years and chilhood year, think im a bit mad wanting to do another degree!!!!!
Reply 102
Oh no I am just a first a year................but the kind of degree I am doing is rather boring. It's all reading and writing essays, which i why i wanna do nursing a lot more practical with more exams

My interview was SCARY!! I was in panel "C", I think, and I got in early because someone canceled! But the interviewers were SCARY! They were nice, but, I felt like I angered them!! I'm actually questioning my choice! *panics* :woo:

Anyone get any offers/rejections yet? :confused:
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I think it's a bit too early to be worrying about offers and rejections. They probably won't be contacting anyone for another few weeks yet they have to go through occupational health forms and then scores of ever single interviewee....takes time lol

May/June is when i expect to hear if interviewers were rather nice but i was just sooo nervous

So I decided to fly out to Portugal this week to get over it:yep: lol
nice for some!
Reply 106
Hey guys!!
Sorry I haven't been around lately, its just my computer is broke at home and I only get on to the internet when I am in school.
Glad you found the interivews okay everyone who is having them at the minute.
Amy I am 17 =]
I am dreading the letter coming... I don't want to know if i got in or not i just think i haven't got in because I waffled about kack at the interview.
I want to be in the sun and by the pool... no fair!!
Have a good day everyone.
Reply 107
Ekk just think if the offers come out at the end of May this time next month we might know whether we got it or not.
I've a really bad feeling about my interview I don't think i've got it but I just wanna know either way
Reply 108
I feel the same Shona... I just keep thinking I have screwed up and would love another chance but I know I am not going to get one. =[
Dont worry. we will all get an offer... :biggrin: i hope... lol
Reply 110
Your building my hopes up so that I am going to come crashing down =[

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I am trying to put it to the back of my mind ...seems the best thing to do

A week in a foreign country helps of course lol

Once the offers are out there is indeed the perdicament that people get offers for places on the feb/mar intake as opposed to to fill the gap lol
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I plan on just getting a full time from now until about January then I hope to have saved enough money to either go on a nice holiday before starting or maybe get car. Haven't even had many lessons but I can dream big :biggrin:
Oh god... i never even thought about that lol
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Being off uni with nothing to do but revise......really gives me little else to think about other than waiting on this damn letter
Reply 115
Guess what month it is...

Reply 116
I thought that exact same thing today PrettyBaby! It feels like the interviews were absolutely months ago, well to me anyway. I just want to know I hate waiting
They said that I did not score enough at the interview but i am on the reserve list :s-smilie:.. better than nothing I guess.. lol .. how did everyone else get on ? I have to go and show my qualifications again or something ..
Reply 118
omg omg im panicing now!!!!
my friend got an offer for mental health

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