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Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
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Reply 140
I was placed on the reserve list for childrens =]... but there are 260 on the reserve list.... I have no chance.
Graduation garden party, Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
Reply 141
you never know where you are placed on the list....don't rule it out completely, you never know :smile:
i rung and they said that nearly ever year they use most of the reserve list ! :s-smilie:
Reply 143
But if there is 260 on the reserve list that is practically a full year group =[

Reply 144
people prob have offers for other places and may not get the grades etc!
Reply 145
They deifnitely won't be using the whole reserve list for childrens....however like people have said many people do have multiple offers for nursing and come August may be disappointed to find they haven't got the grades required or decide they want to go to somewhere like Scotland so a fair number of people could be taken from the list.

You could email the registry office and see if they can tell you whereabouts you are on the list roughly even?

Don't be getting too down could end up with a place come August:smile:
Reply 146
I have already emailed them.... should i just ring them? would be quicker wouldn't it.

Thanks Jason... its just that I didn't get into Newcastle and this is the only nursing one I have left and Queens has always been a dream of mine =[

Reply 147
No worries PrettyBaby....and yea i know what you mean......part of my wanting to leave my current course was the boredom which i felt for politics and wanting to go to QUB from a rather young age.

You could ring them yea........i never do it personally they always come across as short and i feel like i'm disturbing them lol.
Reply 148
Yea.. I will just leave it at that.. they will probably think I am desperate or something. I will have to just get on with it I suppose.

Thanks guys for the support =]

i rung and the woman was real nice.. ring!!
Reply 150
Who did you ring Amy? did you just ring general enquires or do you ring the registry manager?

Reply 151
probs just ring the university admissions, and they can put you through to the right people!
theres a number on the sheet: 02890975719.. brings you straight to them ! :biggrin:
Reply 153
Its okay I got them. The woman was so lovely I was talking to. She said that there are 230 on the childrens reserve list and that I scored 24 out of 40 in my interview so really I have no chance at all =[... looks like I am going to tech to do more a levels.

Reply 154
Hey PrettyBaby I'm really sorry to hear that, I'm sure you're quite gutted. But with all bad things take positives away from it, and reapply next year if its what you really want to do. At least if you apply next year you'll know the process and you'll have had the experience of having done the interview before:wink:
Reply 155
xPrettyBabyx, keep ur chin up!! im on the reserve list too and i want this course more than anything in the world!! just gota keep positive! - a few ppl i hav been tlkin to said that they use quite alot from the reserve list bcoz various ppl drop out, decide on other uni's, dont get the grades. so we may b lucky!!! - the woman at queens who i was speakin to said the reserve list went from scores 19-35, so u never no, there could be a whole load of ppl behind u scorin less than 24, and perhaps less ppl scorin higher than u, ya no?? ya never no how these things work! personally im confused about the entire process! lol
Reply 156
good luck with it anyway guys....was talkiong to my mum whos a nurse and she was sayin that quite often in august when they are trying to fill the places they may offer people on the reserve lists places in other branches where there are spaces!! just stay may be surprised :smile:
Reply 157
Hello people... this is my first time using this forum. Well done to everyone who got their offers!! :-)
I got accepted to mental health nursing starting in sept. Anyone else in the same boat???
xxx heather
Reply 158
well not mental health but doing the common foundation programme together:yes:
Reply 159
Thanks for all the support guys you are amazing. My firm in my UCAS is Psychology at Queens but its an ABB to get in which might be a push to be honest and then my insurance is QMU in Edinburgh but i am not sure about moving. We will just have to wait and see =]

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