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I did my exams for TAG and i know i failed. I dont know what to tell my parents. Lockdowns and school stress and really made me not perform well. I want to take them in October because my grades will be better as i will have no school stress and can do 5 months of self planned revision . They are like you new since Jan and u didnt do well what will u do now. They dont understand I Hated my school and that gave me stress and online school has been crap. I always had school work to do and could never do own revision.
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hey hey,
first of all it has been a very stressful year due to covid and so on, the grade boundaries will be much more considerate for the majority exams, and if you have failed math or english, then dont worry you can resit and it wont be that stressful, just make sure you are prepared.
if it was a science test, then all tests are added up and given a grade, so if you did bad in lets say bio, your chemistry grade could make up for it.
colleges this year will be very considerate and will probably let lower grades slide , so please dont stress.
i know revision is hard, especially going through the lockdown and sitting at a screen all day, but if you retake your exams, or do a resit, i have many resources and i will gladly help you with them. i am doing well as of right now i dont mind helping if you do choose or have to resit and exam, if you have any future exams left maybe try watching vids on them or making revision cards, gl!

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