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Hi all. It'll probably be a little wordy. Nevertheless, I'm currently scheming to apply to a Mechanical engineering program (or smth from the same stem, e.g., chemical engineering or material engineering) in a couple of UK unis. I've always wanted to obtain a well-recognised degree abroad, but due to a number of reasons, haven't yet been able to embark on the journey, so to speak. I'm currently enrolled in an undergrad program in my domicile (Russia), but unfortunately, this degree does not offer any Physics or Maths classes. Adding insult to injury, I have long forgotten even that modicum of knowledge that I received during my schooling days. I've been told by a couple of people that the fact that I have an unfinished degree in a field that isn't even remotely related to Engineering coupled with my age (I'm 21) could significantly undermine my chances for admission, even via the Foundation route. Is that so? Finally, I'm also loath to proceed with my application because I feel like I wouldn't be able to grasp all the basics in Physics and Mathematics by the time I finished my foundation year in order to then survive the main undergrad program. Based on your prior experience, is it possible for me to catch up, provided I put enough hours in? Sorry for all the details. Just wanted to ask for advice from people more familiar with the matter. Will appreciate any help.
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