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I made the mistake of re-reading my dissertation after submission… The last line of my conclusion is wrong as I wrote “lower” instead of “higher” levels of behaviour, despite talking about higher levels of behaviour throughout the whole rest of the dissertation. I last minute had to make a bunch of tables for my appendix. I think they ended up really messy and confusing and I noticed that I forgot to write et al. in some rows of the tables, and in one row I just wrote Guo, forgetting to write both et al. and the date.... I also labelled one of my tables in the appendix wrong, calling it Figure 6s instead of Figure S6 in the figure legend (and I’m now just realising I probably should have labelled it Table instead of Figure…). Do you think I will be marked down a lot for these errors? Overall, I’m pleased with the main body of writing and so was my supervisor, it’s mainly just these mistakes in the Appendix that I’m concerned about…
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Hi, honestly i think these are very minor mistakes! it would be easy to see what you meant, like its not as if you wrote 7A or something when you meant S6 and its not as if you didn't include the reference at all.

More importantly, if you and your supervisor are happy with the main body then i think you will be super fine. Don't worry!

If it makes you feel any better, my dissertation is due in 3 days and i have only 300 words XD i will probably end up having a lot more grammatical errors than you!

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