Unsure of where to live next academic year

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Hi,I'm looking for some advice on housing next year... I currently live in a super nice flat in a great location and I am so comfy here, however my housemate is difficult to live with. She can be very passive aggressive about everything/anything, and quite frankly it's wearing me down. In addition, her friend is moving into this flat for the next academic year who is exactly the same as her pretty much , and I'm worried I just won't be happy as they click well together but I don't!Anyway, I have a friend who I met through Uni who is looking for a flat with her two housemates, and they said I could join them. I guess I'm kind of scared that if I do they are going to turn out to be terrible housemates or that we'll find somewhere no where near as nice as my current flat!Open to any positive suggestions/advice
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I'd go with your gut feeling. If you know this friend pretty well then it's not a bad idea to explore that opportunity, but I would certainly go out and spend some time with the three of them before you settle. Alternatively, and probably what I would do, is check out Spareroom and see if you can find any places that you like. As long as you're not too shy, I think it's a nice way of doing things as you can have an "interview" to see if they're the kind of people you want to live with, and it's also a great way of meeting new people and making some really good friends. You also don't have any connections to the people so you can move if things go south without impacting your social circle.

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