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Hi! Im wondering if anyone can help me out with a question as I’m getting mixed information searching it up, if I apply for a postgraduate loan to do a masters, does that have to be used to pay the course fees? As you don’t get the course covered and a maintenance loan like with the undergraduate finance, or can it be used for living costs of accommodation and then the cost of the course is just added on to the cost of my undergraduate course that I’ll already have to pay back? I’m slightly confused as I’m seeing online that it has to be self funded but also seeing that you can use a postgrad loan for the course or living costs or whatever you want? Because the loan would cover my course costs but then I don’t make enough from my part time job to pay rent somewhere so I was hoping to use the loan for rent and then just have all the costs added to my undergrad course costs that get paid off monthly when earning over the threshold? Or is that not how it works? I can’t find any answers online and I really need to sort it soon as student houses are already being taken upThank yous
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The postgraduate loan has to cover both tuition fees and living expenses.
It gets paid directly to you and you can choose what to do with it but your fees do not get paid directly to the university like they do for undergraduate.

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