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Does anyone study Product Design at Sussex or anything..? I was wondering how the course is (the teaching, etc.) along with the life at Sussex.
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(Original post by rabialala03)
Does anyone study Product Design at Sussex or anything..? I was wondering how the course is (the teaching, etc.) along with the life at Sussex.
Hello, thank you for your question.

Unfortunately I have not studied Product Design at Sussex, but as a current Sussex university student, I would say that the university has definitely met and indeed exceeded my initial expectations. My subject is Medical Neuroscience, and I am currently in the 4th year of my studies. Academically-speaking, I feel I have developed my academic skills and have built my knowledge of neuroscience, including how the subject is applicable to everyday life. The student feedback, regarding all their courses & university life is collected and carefully reviewed on regular basis, each term, with measures being implemented to improve teaching practices and student experience. Furthermore, I had a chance to significantly improve my job prospects, not only by working towards a degree qualification, but also by working on campus for a variety of university departments.

Based on my experience, while the university is not perfect, Sussex definitely looks out for their students! As someone who is care-experience and needs a bit more of financial, emotional and career-support, I can vouch for the quality of the support services offered by the university.

Generally Brighton is a lovely place to live. Easy access to beach, as well as, plenty of green spaces on and off-campus, mean it is always easy to find a quiet place to relax! Also, as a city, Brighton can be said to be ethnically/ culturally diverse, which is great for boosting cultural awareness and social networking skills! Students from over 100 different countries study at Sussex, and students self-recognising as belonging to BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) cultural background make a significant proportion of overall student population. Moreover, ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity is highly celebrated as Sussex, as is reflected by a high number of culturally-specific societies & events, and specific sources of support for ethnic minority & international students. Overall, this contributes to a very accepting, friendly and welcoming learning environment!

In terms of the social events, clubs & societies, there are always numerous activities you can get involved with, including performing arts, sports, art & design, reading, film, cultural and spiritual societies, among others. Currently, the total of approx. 200 societies are available for all students to join (usually free of charge). Here is the link to the Student Union Website for more information about the different clubs & societies available at Sussex: Sussex Clubs & Societies. Also, you might find it helpful to have a look at the Student Union Calendar to get an idea of what kind of events are currently on offer. Of course the nature of these is likely to change, once the Covid-restrictions lessen, with more events being organised in person, rather than online.

You may find it helpful to speak to one of the student ambassadors on Unibuddy, currently studying a Product Design or a related subject. You are free to select who to message and you are guaranteed to receive a response within a 24 hr period.

Please, do let me know if you have any specific questions - I will be more than happy to share my personal experiences, and my thoughts .

Kasia (4th Year Sussex University Student; Medical Neuroscience MSCI with a Year Abroad)
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